As of the 31st of May 2012, any items/products that have been sent to me via company/PR will be marked with an asterix (*). I will always give my absolute honest opinion on products that I review. I assure you, my opinions/thoughts will not be swayed by any PR connections.

If you are a PR company & you're looking to contact me about reviewing products, please email me at I reserve the right to decline being sent items that I don't feel suits the demographic or tone of my blog and my accepting of an item doesn't automatically mean it will be featured on this blog. Please keep in mind that I am a busy student, so any items that are sent for feature on this blog will be fit around my studies. I reserve the right to post about the product when I have time.


Every now and again, I may feature a sponsored post on this blog meaning that I get paid for featuring a brand or product on here. I am very picky when it comes to sponsors for this blog, so you can be sure that I truly believe in the product/brand that I am advertising, and I will always clearly state at the bottom of each post that it is sponsored ("brought to you by"). If you are a company wanting to contact me regarding a sponsorship proposal, you can find my email in the contact tab of this blog. My media kit is available on request.


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