Thursday, 26 May 2016


This is a bit of a random post, but I really wanted to share with you guys a recent purchase of mine that I have been LOVING! 
A while ago, I was at Were Bros in Grey Lynn, when I noticed that, along with their loaves of bread and jars of delicious jams and pickles, they were selling these cute little tote bags with an image of miniature people holding a plate of bread !!! They had a deal on too! One tote and a loaf of sourdough for something like $30, (Yes, I know it sounds quite expensive, but it's a smaller business and their stuff is all hand made, so I didn't mind spending the money.)
So I bought the tote and the sourdough, (and a jar of lemon and zucchini pickle for good measure) and went on my merry little way back home. 

I initially decided to use this tote as (another) uni bag, but because I hate swapping things into other bags, this has basically become my 'day-time-everything-bag'. It's a really good size because it fits everything I need in it. To give you an idea of how big it is, it can hold an A4 thick workbook, an A4 plastic envelope folder, a drink bottle, a lunch bag, a wallet, a makeup bag, a couple of rolls of film (they are currently rolling about in there somewhere), an umbrella and a lanyard. 
I've just realised I've just done a 'what's in my bag' post inside this one, (would that be called post-ception?)

This tote is really nicely made, with thick canvas and sturdy straps, so I don't need to worry about it falling apart while I'm on my way to uni.

The only place you can purchases these from is in store, which is at 480 Richmond Road. Hurry and grab one before they sell out!

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Hello lovely readers, sorry it's been a while since my last post. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw my tweet explaining that for the next little while, I'm only gonna be posting once a week instead of twice, due to the amount of uni work I have at the moment. As much as I try to schedule posts to go up when I'm busy, I find it really difficult to write posts in bulk, especially when I'm in uni mode, (ya feel me?)

As I'm sure I've mentioned on here before, due to never having the same skincare routine for too long, I love to try out different cleansers every now and again. You can imagine my excitement when I received the press release for the  Light Milk Cleanser* by Oasis Beauty. I was sent the cleanser a couple of weeks ago, and have been trialling it since then in order to give you an accurate review of the product and how it worked for my skin.

Despite having tried a lot of different cleansers throughout the years, I've only tried very few milk/cream style cleansers. Usually, I find they either don't do a great job at cleaning the skin or they are so thick that they clog my pores. I was interested in this particular cleanser however, because despite it being a rather thick consistency, it felt quite light when I tried a little bit on the back of my hand. The cleanser also had a really nice, subtle lavender scent to it, which I really like.

This cleanser has a really silky texture to it, making it glide over the skin effortlessly, without dragging in the slightest, allowing me to really massage away any dirt or makeup imbedded into my skin. It breaks down foundation, concealer, and non water-proof eye makeup with ease, however, you would still need to remove waterproof eye makeup with a separate product. After cleansing with this milk cleanser, my skin felt really fresh and clean, without stripping away my skin's natural oils.
As it heads into winter, my skin tends to get slightly more dry and sensitive, and this cleanser definitely helps to provide the level of hydration that I need, without making my skin feel oily or clogging my pores, which is something that is really difficult to find in other milk cleansers.

If you have a combo/oily complexion like me, I'd really urge you to give this milk cleanser a go if you haven't already. 
For those who have more of a dry, sensitive complexion, Oasis Beauty has you covered also, with their Full Cream Cleanser. Both cleansers retail at $32.90 for 150ml.

What are your favourite cream/milk cleansers?

Monday, 2 May 2016


I'm not usually one to read short stories, simply because I like novels that take a bit of time to read. That being said, when I read a short story I always feel very satisfied, because I can start and finish the book on the same day, and if it wasn't a good story, then I don't feel so bad having read it, because it took up barely any time at all. 
I recently picked up The Sheltered Woman by Yiyun Lee after having seen it in my local bookshop. It is only 52 pages and it was very cheap, so I decided to buy it. I figured If I didn't like it, I could always gift it to someone who might.

A Sheltered Woman tells the story of Auntie Mei - a live in nanny who looks after newborns and their mothers. She keeps track of all the babies and families she's looked after in a little notebook - 126 families and 131 babies. Her job has been fairly easy up until this point, but the 132nd baby prompts a crisis in her life...

This book only took me exactly 30 minutes to read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love Yiyun's simple and straightforward way with words. She manages to convey a certain sense of emotion without being melodramatic or cheesy, which I definitely think suits the type of story she is telling.
Even if short stories aren't your thing, I'd still recommend this based on how easy it is to read and how complete the characters feel, despite not a lot being said about them. If you're a slow reader, it shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes.

Are there any short stories you particularly enjoy? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to get into reading more this year!

p.s. There will be no Thursday post this week due to uni work. I hope you understand.

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