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Witch skincare range

Hello everyone, sorry It's been a little while since my last post, I had intended to schedule some more posts to go up twice a week, but with my recent university project due date looming closer, I didn't get around to doing that. I've handed in my assignment now and I have one week off for mid semester break, so this post will go up today (Friday) to make up for no Thursday post, and then next week I'll make sure to get back on track with my posting schedule (Monday and Thursday). Phew, okay, with that all cleared up, I can finally get on with this blog post!

In all honesty, I'd heard very little about the Witch Skincare brand, so I was very excited when a bag of a few products from the range arrived on my doorstep for me to try out. Witch Skincare claims to be suitable for all skin types, but especially effective for more oily, acne prone skin. Each item ranges from $8 - $12, which makes it a pretty affordable skincare range if you ask me.
If the name hasn't given it away already, these products contain Witch Hazel extract which is one of those awesome natural ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and banish blemishes in no time. 

I've been really loving this cleanser as a part of my double cleanse routine at night and my single cleanse in the morning because of its really gentle yet thorough cleansing action. This is especially great if your skin is having a particularly oily day, and you want to give your face a good wash without using anything too harsh or drying. After using this almost every single day for a couple of weeks, I've noticed a definite decrease in small blemishes I usually get around my chin and on my forehead, so it must be doing something good!

If you're wanting a deeper cleanse, the Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash might be for you. I'm a bit undecided on this product because I think it does do a nice job at cleansing the skin, but I don't feel like the little scrubby bit's are dense enough to provide the level of exfoliation I look for in a scrub. I also find these scrubby particles to be rather scratchy. I will still continue to use this, but I probably won't repurchase once I've finished  it up. 

I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but I'm not normally one to use cleansing wipes simply because they just aren't the same as using a proper cleanser. The only occasion where I've used cleansing wipes was when I went to my friend's holiday house and we were staying in tents on her families campsite and the other time was when I was in hospital and I couldn't walk to the bathroom without falling over or vomiting thanks to post anaesthetic nausea (lovely). That being said however, I decided to give these wipes a go. While they of course aren't the most ideal replacement for a regular cleanse, they do a pretty good job at refreshing the skin and removing the days grease and dirt (that makes it sound like I roll around in grease and dirt. oink oink). I find these are the best to use after I've been at the gym to just freshen up my face a bit before I head home to have a shower and do a proper cleanse.

I would have loved to use this concealer as it looks really nice, but it was simply too dark and orangey/pink toned for my very fair, neutral toned skin. Consistency wise, it's a stick concealer, so naturally it's quite a thick formula. It can be blended out to quite a sheer finish though, if that's your thing, so I wouldn't let the stick formulation put you off. As much as I wanted this to work with my skin tone, I'll have to pass this one onto a friend.

I have to admit, this little container took me aaaaagggggees to work out how to use! I couldn't understand how to get the product out, so if you end up buying it, all you need to do is unscrew the top and then push the product up from the bottom (underneath the cylinder) with your finger. This little blemish stick is perfect for reducing the size and inflammation of any sneaky little pimple that may crop up uninvited. All you need to do is dab the product onto the blemish and it will begin to dry up the spot almost instantly. It stings a little when first applied, but this only lasts a few seconds and then you're good. I really love this product and would happily repurchase.

Overall, trying these Witch products has been fun and I've definitely found a couple that have fit comfortably into my skincare routine. If there are any other brands you'd like to see a Brand Focus post on, please let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all have a lovely night!


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