Thursday, 28 April 2016


I'm someone who has always enjoyed a red lip ever since I first got into make up. What I realised about wearing a red lip with very fair skin is that whatever blush you wear along with the red lip can alter your overall look. As I mentioned, I have very pale skin so I tend to opt for blushes with a rosy hue to them and I have to be careful not to be too heavy handed with my application! I've tried many a blush to go with my red lipsticks and the one I think works the best is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Santa Rose.
This blush is a really lovely, subtle rose shade that glides onto the skin effortlessly. It has quite a sheer formula, so it's really not possible to overdo it with the application. It is also long lasting on the skin which is an added bonus! 

What is your favourite blush to wear with red lips?

Monday, 25 April 2016


In the first part of this post (which you can find here), I talked about the basic 'skeleton' of a skincare routine being cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. While basic skincare routines are perfectly fine and can do a lot for the improvement of skin tone and texture, sometimes you may want to add in a couple of new products to benefit your skin even more. In this post, I will be touching on the use of toners, masks and serums.
I will talk a bit about what these products are, what they do and give a couple of recommendations. As I said in my last post, I am in no way claiming to be a professional when it comes to skincare, I just really enjoy talking and learning about it. If you have any serious skincare concerns, I'd recommend seeing a dermatologist. 

TONERS //  Toners are liquids that are applied to the skin after cleansing and before moisturising. They are designed to restore the skin's pH balance after cleansing and minimise the appearance of pores. When the topic of toners are brought up, we often think of a hash astringent liquid that dries out the skin and any blemishes that may be present, and some are like that, but there are also an array of toners which don't contain any alcohol and are actually really soothing on the skin. A really affordable toner that I'd recommend to everyone is Cortas Rose Water, which you can buy from Pak n Save (if you're in nz) or pretty much any Middle Eastern Grocer. The reason I would recommend this to everyone, is because not only is it very cheap ( i think a bottle is about $6) but it also does a brilliant job at balancing out the skin while still being very gentle. 

MASKS //  There are a few types of face masks on the market, so for the purpose of this post, I will be only talking about wash off face masks. Face masks are applied to the skin after cleansing/exfoliating and are designed to treat a particular skin type or condition. They are often applied to the skin using either the fingers or with a foundation type brush and left on the skin for anywhere around 10-30 minutes before being washed off. If you have quite oily skin, the best kind of mask would be a mask that contains clay. Clay helps draw dirt and oil up and out of the skin and help to tighten pores. Cream masks do not dry as much as clay masks do and are therefore better suited for dryer skin types that need added hydration. Masks are actually one of my favourite products at the moment because they can instantly improve skin texture and appearance. If you would like to see some of my favourite masks for oily/combo skin, click here.  

SERUMS //  Serums are essentially highly concentrated products that are patted into the face, delivering active ingredients deep into skin. They can be used to improve specific skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation, acne, aging, dryness etc. Because they are highly concentrated, serums can often be quite pricey, but they can absolutely be worth it. When I feel like my skin is quite dehydrated, often coming into winter, I like to pat a hyaluronic acid based serum into my skin. Hyaluronic acid (not to be confused with hydrochloric acid) sounds scary thanks to the word acid, but it's really not. This ingredient is often used in hydrating skincare because it basically acts as a magnet to water. When applied to the skin, it pulls any moisture in other products layered on top, deep into the skin. Pretty cool huh? A serum which I've heard a lot of good things about is the Skin Inc Q10 serum which is designed to enhance the skin's ability to energize and renew itself for firmer feeling and looking skin. 

I don't know how many people have heard of it, but there is a thing called the Korean 12 step skincare routine which I thought would be an interesting thing to bring up in this post. The 12 step routine consists of:
1. Oil cleanse 
2. Cream/ foaming cleanser
3. Exfoliation
4. Toner
5. Essence
6. Eye cream
7. Treatment 1
8. Treatment 2
9. Moisturiser
10. Sheet mask
11. Night Cream
12. Sleeping pack

I don't know about you, but this seems quite excessive to me. I have actually also tried it out for myself to see what all the fuss is about, but for me it was just too labour and time intensive and quite honestly, I'd rather spend the extra time reading! I'd love to know if any of you have tried the Korean 12 step routine and if so, how did you find it?

I really hope part two of this post was helpful and I'd love to hear what your skincare routine consists of and/or any products you'd recommend for a particular skin type.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Over the years, I feel like I've slowly managed to find what skincare products suit me and what I have time for in a routine, but for some people starting out, it can be a little daunting to come up with a routine when there are just so many sprays and lotions and cleansers to choose from. I am in no way claiming to be an expert, but I do have a big interest in skincare and I particularly love to help other people find products that work for them. For that reason, I decided to write this post in the hope that I can help at least one person develop their own skincare routine. This particular post will look at skin types and an outline of what a basic skincare routine should consist of. Part two will look at more advanced routines and how to maintain them.

First you need to work out what type of skin you have. Everyone knows the four basic skin types, which are oily, dry, combo and normal. But everybody's skin is unique and these four categories are really only umbrella terms. You might have oily, acne prone skin or perhaps you might have oily sensitive skin that leans towards more dehydrated skin in colder weather. There are a multitude of skin type combinations that will determine what you need to look for in skincare. There are many tests you can take online to work out your skin type, but you can work it out yourself by just observing how your skin behaves. For example, if you think you have oily skin, are you prone to breakouts? If so, do these breakouts appear in the T-zone? If your skin appears dry, does it look/feel rough yet still produce oil? 
Because there is a number of combinations when it comes to skincare, I won't go through all of the types, but I will tell you a bit about my skin. I always thought I just had oily skin, and I used to buy skincare that was targeted at teenagers who had oily, acne prone skin. While I do get the occasional breakout, I wouldn't say I had acne prone skin, still I trusted the labels and went with those products. What I later realised is that my skin type was more verging on oily/combo with my T-zone producing oil and my cheeks and sides of my nose being more dehydrated, By using these harsh, acne fighting and oil soaking products, I was actually making my skin more oily due to my body trying to compensate for the oil that was being stripped away and the dryer areas of my skin were becoming completely dehydrated.

Once you've worked out what skin type you have, you can start looking at products to cater towards your needs. I think every skincare routine, no matter how complex or simple you want it, needs to have a cleanser, an exfoliant and a moisturiser (with spf for during the day). Think of this as the skincare routine skeleton. Once you've got this down pat, you can start looking to add in additional products. 

CLEANSERS // There are many different cleansers on the market today, but it is important to find the right one. If you have skin that is more on the dry side, It is recommended that you steer clear of cleansers that lather too much (this can further dry out the skin) or contain Benzoyl Peroxide which is commonly found in acne skincare. Likewise, if you have oily skin it is best to avoid cleansers that are incredibly rich or oil based as they will block your pores and may cause break outs. Honestly, it's just a matter of trying a couple out to see what works best for you. If you find a cleanser in a shop that you want to try but don't want to spend the money without knowing if it's going to work, you can always ask for samples. Most places would be more than happy to offer you a sample.

EXFOLIANTS // Like cleansers, there are many different types of exfoliants available. There are two types of exfoliant, chemical and mechanical. Chemical exfoliants help to promote skin renewal by means of hydroxy acids, enzymes and Retinol. Chemical exfoliation tends to penetrate deeper into the skin and encourages the formation of normal, healthy skin. Mechanical exfoliation on the other hand relies on the use of either a tool, (such as a sponge or brush) or a substrate, (pumice particles, rice bran, oatmeal etc.) Mechanical exfoliation uses friction to slough away dead skin cells and increase blood flow beneath the skin.

MOISTURISERS // Moisturisers are usually the last step in a skincare routine. They can be split into day and night moisturisers. For example, a day moisturiser might contain spf and be a little thinner in consistency whereas a night moisturiser might be a little more rich and won't contain spf. Oily skinned peeps would tend to go for light weight or gel based moisturisers in order not to block the pores and produce breakouts. On the other hand, dryer skinned peeps would want to look for products with a richer consistency that helps to deeply hydrate and protect the skin.

I believe that if you find a cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser that suits your skincare needs, you already have a really good routine. Once you've got this routine sorted, you might then want to look at adding some additional products, and I will cover this in my next post! 

I hope this post was helpful! Please let me know if there is anything else (besides the aforementioned topics) in part two that you'd like me to cover.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I don't know about you, but I love making lists. I have a list on both my phone and my laptop consisting of beauty products I want to try, that way, if i'm given a voucher for a birthday or christmas gift or I have a bit of extra money, I can just look at the list and buy something off that. That way I know that I am buying something that I've thought about rather than an impulsive purchase. That being said, I am very known to do the latter..oops!

Here are four of the products I've been eyeing up recently.

KIEHL'S EYE TREATMENT WITH AVOCADO //  I've actually been looking at this product for a wee while now, after it was mentioned in a Youtuber's favourites (I can't for the life of me remember who it was). It's basically a rich eye cream that helps to hydrate and smooth the under eye area. As I've mentioned in a recent post, I'm currently using the ApiNourish Age Defying Eye Cream* which I am loving, but sometimes, especially as it's getting colder, I want something a bit more thick and moisturising to prevent the skin under my eyes from getting too dry. I think I'd probably use this product as more of an eye mask rather than an everyday eye cream.

BOBBI BROWN COLOUR CORRECTOR IN PORCELAIN BISQUE //  Like the Kiehl's eye treatment mentioned above, I first heard about this corrector through a youtuber/blogger. I've never used a corrector before underneath my concealer, because I've always figured that the concealer would do the job, but as I am now in my second year at university and sleep is a foreign concept to me, I've noticed that my concealer sometimes just doesn't cut it. I've heard this product is really great for neutralizing the darkness under the eyes and can be layered with concealer without being too cakey or thick.

TRILOGY ROSEHIP OIL ANTIOXIDANT + //  As you will all know, I'm a big fan of the Trilogy range, in particular their Rosehip oil. I've been interested in trying this particular version of their bestselling skin oil for a while, because of the addition of antioxidants to protect against free radicals. If it isn't apparent already, I adore skincare and making sure my skin is as looked after as it can be and this product looks like one that I could really get into and benefit from.

MARIO BADESCU TEMPORARY LIFTING MASK // I saw this mask recently whilst browsing the Sephora website and ever since then, I have been really interested in trying it. It claims to instantly firm skin, tighten pores and revitalise congested and dull skin, albeit temporarily. I think this would be a really great mask to use before a big event or night out and judging by the reviews, it works! And you know me, I'm a sucker for a good mask, especially if it is in a nice pink shade.

As always, If you have tried any of these products, please let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below. I love to hear how people find certain products that I want to try because it helps inform me as to whether they are worth buying.

I hope you all have a lovely afternoon and I shall see you all soon, (*bows* incidental rhyming is a natural talent for me as you can see).

Friday, 15 April 2016


Witch skincare range

Hello everyone, sorry It's been a little while since my last post, I had intended to schedule some more posts to go up twice a week, but with my recent university project due date looming closer, I didn't get around to doing that. I've handed in my assignment now and I have one week off for mid semester break, so this post will go up today (Friday) to make up for no Thursday post, and then next week I'll make sure to get back on track with my posting schedule (Monday and Thursday). Phew, okay, with that all cleared up, I can finally get on with this blog post!

In all honesty, I'd heard very little about the Witch Skincare brand, so I was very excited when a bag of a few products from the range arrived on my doorstep for me to try out. Witch Skincare claims to be suitable for all skin types, but especially effective for more oily, acne prone skin. Each item ranges from $8 - $12, which makes it a pretty affordable skincare range if you ask me.
If the name hasn't given it away already, these products contain Witch Hazel extract which is one of those awesome natural ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and banish blemishes in no time. 

I've been really loving this cleanser as a part of my double cleanse routine at night and my single cleanse in the morning because of its really gentle yet thorough cleansing action. This is especially great if your skin is having a particularly oily day, and you want to give your face a good wash without using anything too harsh or drying. After using this almost every single day for a couple of weeks, I've noticed a definite decrease in small blemishes I usually get around my chin and on my forehead, so it must be doing something good!

If you're wanting a deeper cleanse, the Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash might be for you. I'm a bit undecided on this product because I think it does do a nice job at cleansing the skin, but I don't feel like the little scrubby bit's are dense enough to provide the level of exfoliation I look for in a scrub. I also find these scrubby particles to be rather scratchy. I will still continue to use this, but I probably won't repurchase once I've finished  it up. 

I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but I'm not normally one to use cleansing wipes simply because they just aren't the same as using a proper cleanser. The only occasion where I've used cleansing wipes was when I went to my friend's holiday house and we were staying in tents on her families campsite and the other time was when I was in hospital and I couldn't walk to the bathroom without falling over or vomiting thanks to post anaesthetic nausea (lovely). That being said however, I decided to give these wipes a go. While they of course aren't the most ideal replacement for a regular cleanse, they do a pretty good job at refreshing the skin and removing the days grease and dirt (that makes it sound like I roll around in grease and dirt. oink oink). I find these are the best to use after I've been at the gym to just freshen up my face a bit before I head home to have a shower and do a proper cleanse.

I would have loved to use this concealer as it looks really nice, but it was simply too dark and orangey/pink toned for my very fair, neutral toned skin. Consistency wise, it's a stick concealer, so naturally it's quite a thick formula. It can be blended out to quite a sheer finish though, if that's your thing, so I wouldn't let the stick formulation put you off. As much as I wanted this to work with my skin tone, I'll have to pass this one onto a friend.

I have to admit, this little container took me aaaaagggggees to work out how to use! I couldn't understand how to get the product out, so if you end up buying it, all you need to do is unscrew the top and then push the product up from the bottom (underneath the cylinder) with your finger. This little blemish stick is perfect for reducing the size and inflammation of any sneaky little pimple that may crop up uninvited. All you need to do is dab the product onto the blemish and it will begin to dry up the spot almost instantly. It stings a little when first applied, but this only lasts a few seconds and then you're good. I really love this product and would happily repurchase.

Overall, trying these Witch products has been fun and I've definitely found a couple that have fit comfortably into my skincare routine. If there are any other brands you'd like to see a Brand Focus post on, please let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all have a lovely night!

Monday, 4 April 2016


Hi lovelies, today is just a quick post to show you what I recently purchased from the brand ColourPop, which you are all probably familiar with. I didn't go crazy because I'm trying to save at least some of my money, so I bought two of their matte liquid lipsticks, a lip liner and an eyeshadow.

The matte liquid lipsticks were something I had been really interested in trying for a while, because I had been on the look out for a product to replace my Lime Crime Velvetines, as I no longer want to support that company (google 'Lime Crime scandal' or something, if you wanna know why the company's dodge). I only got two colours (Bumble and Creeper), but after trying them out, I definitely wanna get more! The lipliner I got is in the shade Bossy and the eyeshadow is called Hustle. Bossy is a really lovely, slightly pink toned red and Hustle is a gorgeous mauve-y purple, perfect for green eyes! 

The liquid lipsticks glide on so smoothly and don'd feel cakey on the lips, meaning they can be worn for aaaaggggeees! I also love how smooth and 'mousse-y' textured the eyeshadow feels.

If you would like an in depth review of any of these products, please do let me know, and I'd be happy to do that. In the meantime, I am just about to fall asleep, (uni is so tiring atm,) so I shall head off.

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