Friday, 19 February 2016


Tea Tree Oil

Pesky pimples. Everyone gets them from time to time, and they seem to crop up at the most inconvenient of moments. Whether it be from eating too much chocolate (m&ms, I'm looking at you) or from stress hormones, breakouts are never cute.

A few weeks back, I kept getting really painful pimples on my forehead and on my chin, and nothing I seemed to use was getting rid of them! I tried charcoal masks, mud masks, Savlon, toothpaste (yup) and I couldn't get these little mountains of hell off my face. Then I remembered that Tea Tree oil is supposedly really good for treating pimples, so I asked my lovely mum if she could pick some up from the chemist on the way home. Of course being the wonderful person she is, she got a small bottle for me. Ah the joys of living at home.

Just a small amount of Tea Tree oil dabbed onto the pimple in question with a cotton bud helps to reduce the redness and inflammation in a matter of hours. It's antiseptic properties help soothe the skin and draw away extra fluid, which is the cause of the mound like appearance of pimples. I tend to dad a little of this on any pimples before bed, and by the morning I can see a significant difference. While it won't clear away the pimple straight away, I've found for me it only takes around 2-3 applications to clear up even the most angry breakouts.

You can buy Tea Tree oil from many different brands, all of which do the same thing, so I'd say go for the cheapest version you can find.

Have you tried Tea Tree oil to treat pimples before? How did it work for you?


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