Sunday, 17 January 2016


I wanted to start this review off by saying this has quickly become one of my favourite products in my everyday skincare/make up routine, which is saying a lot, considering in the past I have HATED wearing sunblock, simply because of the way it always felt on my skin. I actually really look forward to putting this on each morning, which either shows how pathetic I am or how great this sunblock is! I'm thinking the latter.

A few weeks ago, I was running out of my usual facial sunblock, so I was on the lookout for another to replace it. I had read a lot of reviews raving about Korean Skincare, in particular the Korean sunblocks, so I decided to check out this one by Innisfree. I chose the No Sebum version for oily skin, because while I have combo skin, my T-zone gets pretty darn oily in the Summer and this claimed to combat this.

This sunblock contains sunflower oil and green tea extracts to help moisturise and soothe the skin, while protecting from harmful UV rays. I definitely feel like this sunblock is a lot more moisturising than any other sunblock I have tried in the past, and it actually seems to absorb into the skin rather than just sitting on top of it, making it very comfortable to wear daily.

Despite hydrating the skin, it does dry to a matte finish, and helps to control oil for at least 7 hours for my skin type without feeling flakey or chalky. The finish of it actually reminds me a little of a make up primer, which I've heard is quite common in Korean sunblocks.

I do notice that once I've applied this onto my skin, there is a slight whitening effect immediately after, however, it's never been too much of a problem for me considering how fair my skin is usually. I could see this maybe being a problem if you have a darker skin tone, but the white cast seems to settle a bit upon drying, so it might be fine. 
What I do find nice about the whitening effect of this sunblock is that it also seems to brighten my skin tone, smoothing out any discolouration or patchiness, meaning that when I am wearing this, I can get away without wearing a BB cream or foundation. SCORE!

Oh! I also haven't got burnt while using this - Major plus! (also the whole point of a sunblock).

I can without a doubt see myself repurchasing this sunblock once I run out, as it just works so so well for me! If you have oily or combo skin, I'd strongly recommend you check this sunblock out, especially for daily use, (I really believe that everyone should be using a sunblock as a part of their daily skincare routine). Even if you don't use this for sunblock purposes, you can always use it as an oil controlling make up primer! Is it obvious that I love this product??

Do you use a sunblock as part of your daily skincare routine?
What is your favourite sunblock?


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