Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I'm not sure about you, but I always find this sort of transitional weather rather difficult to dress for. In the morning it is very cold, so I would wear my thick tights or jeans and a cosy knit, however, later in the afternoon, it begins to significantly warm up and I end up boiling in my outfit! I finally think I've worked out a good outfit for those awkward days where you're not quite sure what to wear. 

As most of you probably know, I have a crazy amount of striped shirts. I love horizontal stripes in particular, because they even out my smaller upper body. When I go shopping for t-shirts and tops, I often go for the more masculine style cut because I actually prefer the shape of the neckline and torso of mens t-shirts as opposed to womens. I also like that they run in bigger sizes.

Recently, I've also really gotten into wearing Raglan shirts, because I love the contrast of the panels. These sorts of shirts are also really nice because, similarly to the striped shirts, they can be worn with anything.

In terms of jumpers, I often keep a very light, fine knit folded up in my handbag for when it might get a bit chilly.

Denim skirts are one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment, because they can provide a break for the eye, when the rest of the outfit is predominantly black. Denim skirts are great in particular because they are really sturdy, meaning that they don't fly up in the wind like other skirts do, which great to not have to worry about! I also think they are such a flattering look on anyone.

I used to only ever like to carry around a tiny handbag, that could just barely fit my wallet and phone in, but with going to uni everyday, I wanted a bag that I could use both for school and going out and about. I find tote style bags are the best and most practical option for me. When I first started carrying around a tote bag, I did feel a little like a mother (nothing against mothers, you guys are rad), but that soon subsided and I would be lost without it! They carry so much stuff!!!

I am in LOVE with these white sneakers from Rubi Shoes. They are the most comfortable things I have ever worn! They are really nice for summer because they don't absorb heat like black shoes do, so my tootsies can remain nice and cool throughout the day.

I hate being caught out without my sunglasses, so I try to make sure I always have a pair in my bag. I switch between a couple of pairs, but I generally prefer a vintage style, tortoise shell pair.

In Spring and Summer I like to wear lighter, more fresh looking colours on my lips. I almost always reach for the lipstick in the shade Violet Mousse by Karen Murrell because it is the perfect, my lips but better shade. It's also super moisturising so there is no need to layer lip balm underneath or over top.

What is your go to Spring/Summer outfit? I'd love to hear everyone's different styles!


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