Friday, 13 November 2015


Hello all! I haven't done a blogspot in over 2 weeks and I am very very sorry about that. As you probably know, for the past few weeks I had been studying for my exams, and for that reason, I have found it very difficult to put up any posts. Not because I didn't have time, (I did have a bit of free time where I could've posted something) but it's just that I didn't feel particularly motivated or inspired to post. And as you know, I will not just post something on here for the sake of posting it.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little update post, letting you know what's been going on for the past month or so.

First and foremost, I have finished my first year at university!!!! While you may remember my post towards the start of my first year of uni, gushing about how much I loved it, it has also been one of the hardest years of my life. While I like to think my friends have pretty much stuck around, I do feel like some have drifted off which does make me sad, but at the same time, I have met so many other wonderful people this year and I wouldn't change that for anything. It has been strange getting used to the teaching at uni, as it is significantly different from school. At the art school I go to, most of the tutors are practicing artists, some of whom are very well known in the NZ art scene. All I am going to say is some artists are veeeeerrrryyyy into themselves and need to just chill for a bit. These last few weeks of art school have been incredibly tough for me due to unforeseen circumstances, which I won't go into, but overall, I feel I have learnt a lot about the art world, and especially my own art practice. Bring on second year!

Also, I managed to score myself a Christmas job!!! A few weeks ago, I went for the group interview which was and still is one of the scariest things ever, but weirdly enough, I managed to get it! I'm going to try my best to get a bunch of posts pre written and scheduled during the time I will be working, so if all goes to plan, posts shall just miraculously upload regularly!

I thought I'd also update on the hair situation, because, well... why not? Currently still a redhead and loving it, though I have been missing my blonde hair, so I'm thinking in a few months time, it may make a come back! I'm interested to see how my red hair lasts this summer as I've heard sunlight significantly fades the red pigment! Eeeep!

I'm currently in bed writing this, thoroughly drugged up on cold medicine and antibiotics, with a chapped upper lip/nose, so that's great, but I think I've past the worst of it, and should be better soon!

I hope you all are well, and are staying sun safe! Please let me know if there are any particular posts you would like to see on here, and I shall get on with writing those in the next couple of weeks!

Stay wonderful!


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