Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hello dear readers! Today I have for you a review of a couple of products from the skincare brand Goodness! 
The Goodness range contains ingredients such as avocado, coconut and chia oils, which aim to leave the skin nourished, hydrated and plumped. All the things I want from skincare products!

I was very kindly sent the Grab and Go Goodness set, which contains wee sample sizes of all the products they currently have in the Goodness range.

This thick night cream is to be applied after cleansing, to lock in the skins moisture, leaving your complexion hydrated and plump in the morning. I'm rather mixed on this night cream because sometimes I feel that instead of hydrating my skin and sinking in over night, it instead sits on top of my skin, leaving it a bit greasy. Because of that however, it can work rather nicely when my skin is particularly dry. I think this night cream might be better suited to someone with drier skin than I have, but if you have combination skin, it could still work for you!

This face scrub is designed with powdered pumice to give your skin a gentle exfoliation without any irritation. I'm a big fan of face scrubs, so I was very excited to try this out. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. It is recommended to use this every week, but because it is really gentle on the skin, I think you could get away with using it up to twice or three times a week. For that reason, I feel this facial scrub would be suitable for any skin type. Besides leaving my skin looking bright and feeling fresh, I adore the scent of this product! To me it smells of what I'd imagine having dinner outside beside a lemon tree in Italy, would smell like! Now if that's not a weirdly specific scent description, I don't know what is!

Like the rest of the range, this moisturiser contains Chia seed oil which I was a little worried about, because I didn't want this moisturiser to leave my skin feeling greasy, especially if I was going to put this on underneath my make up. I'm glad to report that it didn't leave me greasy in the slightest. I applied this onto my skin after I had washed my face, and let it sink in for a few minutes before I applied my BB cream. By the time I applied my make up, the moisturiser had sunk into my skin, leaving me with a plumped and radiant complexion.  

This cream cleanser does a really nice job at gently cleansing the skin without stripping away the skins natural oils, whilst at the same time, removing any remaining bits of make up. After using this, my skin feels really nice and fresh. If used in the morning, this product helps to waken up and plump up the skin, ready for the day ahead. Because it is an incredibly non-offensive cleanser, I think this would suit both dryer skin types as well as combo/oily skin types.

This is honestly the cutest little sample size I've ever owned! Look at the tiny pipette! I actually own the larger version of this oil as well, so I've have used this a lot! I use this oil at night, because it does leave your skin a little shiny, and I like to think it works better if left over night to sink into the skin. I personally use only a little bit and pat it onto my skin before gently massaging it into my face, paying particular attention to around the sides of my nose and my chin, as this is where I get dry patches of skin. This is what I would call a lighter facial oil, and I reach for this when I want hydration, but I don't want anything too heavy on my skin.

If I had to pick my favourite product from the Goodness range, it'd have to be the Every Week Face Scrub, simply because I love a good scrub, and the smell is amazing! Honestly, if you don't buy it, at least have a sniff of this product in store!

Check out the range on the Goodness website 

Have you tried out the Goodness range yet? What is your favourite product?
Also, what is your favourite scented skincare product? Can you beat my weird scent description??? 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I'm not sure about you, but I always find this sort of transitional weather rather difficult to dress for. In the morning it is very cold, so I would wear my thick tights or jeans and a cosy knit, however, later in the afternoon, it begins to significantly warm up and I end up boiling in my outfit! I finally think I've worked out a good outfit for those awkward days where you're not quite sure what to wear. 

As most of you probably know, I have a crazy amount of striped shirts. I love horizontal stripes in particular, because they even out my smaller upper body. When I go shopping for t-shirts and tops, I often go for the more masculine style cut because I actually prefer the shape of the neckline and torso of mens t-shirts as opposed to womens. I also like that they run in bigger sizes.

Recently, I've also really gotten into wearing Raglan shirts, because I love the contrast of the panels. These sorts of shirts are also really nice because, similarly to the striped shirts, they can be worn with anything.

In terms of jumpers, I often keep a very light, fine knit folded up in my handbag for when it might get a bit chilly.

Denim skirts are one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment, because they can provide a break for the eye, when the rest of the outfit is predominantly black. Denim skirts are great in particular because they are really sturdy, meaning that they don't fly up in the wind like other skirts do, which great to not have to worry about! I also think they are such a flattering look on anyone.

I used to only ever like to carry around a tiny handbag, that could just barely fit my wallet and phone in, but with going to uni everyday, I wanted a bag that I could use both for school and going out and about. I find tote style bags are the best and most practical option for me. When I first started carrying around a tote bag, I did feel a little like a mother (nothing against mothers, you guys are rad), but that soon subsided and I would be lost without it! They carry so much stuff!!!

I am in LOVE with these white sneakers from Rubi Shoes. They are the most comfortable things I have ever worn! They are really nice for summer because they don't absorb heat like black shoes do, so my tootsies can remain nice and cool throughout the day.

I hate being caught out without my sunglasses, so I try to make sure I always have a pair in my bag. I switch between a couple of pairs, but I generally prefer a vintage style, tortoise shell pair.

In Spring and Summer I like to wear lighter, more fresh looking colours on my lips. I almost always reach for the lipstick in the shade Violet Mousse by Karen Murrell because it is the perfect, my lips but better shade. It's also super moisturising so there is no need to layer lip balm underneath or over top.

What is your go to Spring/Summer outfit? I'd love to hear everyone's different styles!

Friday, 13 November 2015


Hello all! I haven't done a blogspot in over 2 weeks and I am very very sorry about that. As you probably know, for the past few weeks I had been studying for my exams, and for that reason, I have found it very difficult to put up any posts. Not because I didn't have time, (I did have a bit of free time where I could've posted something) but it's just that I didn't feel particularly motivated or inspired to post. And as you know, I will not just post something on here for the sake of posting it.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little update post, letting you know what's been going on for the past month or so.

First and foremost, I have finished my first year at university!!!! While you may remember my post towards the start of my first year of uni, gushing about how much I loved it, it has also been one of the hardest years of my life. While I like to think my friends have pretty much stuck around, I do feel like some have drifted off which does make me sad, but at the same time, I have met so many other wonderful people this year and I wouldn't change that for anything. It has been strange getting used to the teaching at uni, as it is significantly different from school. At the art school I go to, most of the tutors are practicing artists, some of whom are very well known in the NZ art scene. All I am going to say is some artists are veeeeerrrryyyy into themselves and need to just chill for a bit. These last few weeks of art school have been incredibly tough for me due to unforeseen circumstances, which I won't go into, but overall, I feel I have learnt a lot about the art world, and especially my own art practice. Bring on second year!

Also, I managed to score myself a Christmas job!!! A few weeks ago, I went for the group interview which was and still is one of the scariest things ever, but weirdly enough, I managed to get it! I'm going to try my best to get a bunch of posts pre written and scheduled during the time I will be working, so if all goes to plan, posts shall just miraculously upload regularly!

I thought I'd also update on the hair situation, because, well... why not? Currently still a redhead and loving it, though I have been missing my blonde hair, so I'm thinking in a few months time, it may make a come back! I'm interested to see how my red hair lasts this summer as I've heard sunlight significantly fades the red pigment! Eeeep!

I'm currently in bed writing this, thoroughly drugged up on cold medicine and antibiotics, with a chapped upper lip/nose, so that's great, but I think I've past the worst of it, and should be better soon!

I hope you all are well, and are staying sun safe! Please let me know if there are any particular posts you would like to see on here, and I shall get on with writing those in the next couple of weeks!

Stay wonderful!

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