Monday, 5 October 2015


Today I'm wanted to bring your attention to a campaign that was recently brought to my attention, called #Campaign4clarity. 'Organic' has been a buzzword in a lot of skincare products over the years, and these days, it seems like every product claims to be 'all natural' and better for you than their non-organic counterparts. What most people don't realise, (including me until a few weeks ago) is that there is currently no legal standard in place for organic beauty products, meaning that products that contain very little or even no organic ingredients can label themselves as organic! 
Being someone who prefers to know what I'm putting on my skin, (like most other people) it worries me that companies can simply stick a label on their product, and essentially lie to their consumers and say that their products don't contain any nasty stuff when in actual fact, they very well might.

Nourish Skincare has teamed up with Campaign for Clarity in order to help spread the word about the need for certification of organic beauty within the industry. They recently contacted me to ask if I would like to try out their Kale Enzymatic Kale Exfoliator*, and of course I was very keen, because who doesn't like to try out new products? Especially when you can be assured they are (the real deal) organic!

This exfoliating cleanser is an interesting texture because it's not gritty like most exfoliators. Instead the texture reminds me a little of a homemade oatmeal scrub. Because of that, it is very gentle, and doesn't irritate the skin at all. That being said, it still does a fantastic job at sloughing off dead skin.
This product can be used as an exfoliating cleanser or a face mask, depending on your preference. I personally use this more as a cleaner because I find for my skin type, it works better that way, but it's completely up to you how you use it.
Unlike some exfoliators, this doesn't dry out my skin in the slightest and the addition of kale, (ooh trendy!) helps to improve the suppleness of my complexion.
If you haven't already tried this product, I'd really recommend it, as it really seems to have improved the condition of my skin and I hope will continue to do so the more I use it!

Campaign for Clarity aims to reclaim the organic and show the beauty industry that 'green washing' products for the sake of sales is simply not on. Join me in the #Campaign4Clarity!

What are your thoughts on 'Organic' skincare? 


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