Monday, 26 October 2015


I've always been a big fan of bath bombs. Ever since I was little, I loved the moment when I got to put one of those foamy, fizzly lumps into the bath water, and watch in awe as it dissolved right in front of my eyes. I think this interest probably stemmed from my love of putting sachets of sugar into my dads coffee, watching the tiny granules slowly sink under the milk froth. It was so mesmerising to me, and frankly, still is!
I didn't use bath bombs often when I was little, only occasionally getting them for Christmas or birthday gifts, which I think is why they are such a special thing to use. Now that I can buy them for myself, I still only use them sparingly because I don't want the novelty of using them to wear off. 
I tend to reserve my bath bombs for when I am in desperate need of relaxation. Lush bath bombs in particular never fail to alleviate a miserable mood with their beautiful scents and skin softening properties. 
I recently went to Lush to have a look at some of their new releases, and ended up walking out (paying for them of course) with two new treats. I purchased the Blackberry Bath Bomb, which I bought because it smelt like a family friend's house (is that weird?) and I also bought the Avobath bath bomb to help relieve the dry skin i've been getting on my legs.
Because Lush bath bombs are quite big, I tend to cut each one into 2 or three, thus maximising the number of baths I can get out of one bath bomb. Score! It also helps me to justify my 'need' to buy them!
All in all, I don't think I'll ever stop buying bath bombs, as they are just too magical to not use.

Do you like to use bath bombs? Which scents are your favourite?


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