Thursday, 8 October 2015


Whenever I come up with a blog post idea, I immediate write it down in the notes app on either my phone or computer to refer back to, if I'm struggling with what to write in a post. Here are 20 blog post prompts that might help you when the ideas are wearing thin.

1. What's in my make up bag?
2. 5 minute make up routine.
3. Holy Grail product.
4. favourite movies/books.
5. Pamper night essentials.
6. Room tour.
7. Brand focus.
8. Advice to my younger self.
9. How to take good blog photos.
10. Studying Tips.
11. How to find your personal style.
12. Spend vs. Spurlge.
13. Follow me around.
14. Fashion/Beauty wishlist.
15. Favourite lipsticks/nail polishes for Spring/Summer, Autumn, Winter.
16. Night routine.
17. Celebrity inspired make up look.
18. One item of clothing, 5 outfits.
19. Opinion on a beauty trend.
20. Fitness Routine.


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