Monday, 7 September 2015


I've had red hair for a couple of months now, and while this definitely won't be my hair colour forever, (the upkeep is kinda annoying) it's been really fun! I've received so many compliments on the way my hair looks! 

Because I am a student, I cannot afford to get my hair coloured professionally and achieving this colour was going to be no different. I had to find a way to get the colour I wanted using a box dye. I realise that any hairdressers who read my blog are probably cursing me for taking this dye job on myself, but I've had a lot of practice with home hair dyes as I've been colouring my hair for a good 3-4 years. I figured if something did  go wrong, then I could always find a way to fix it. That being said, if you plan to colour your hair a lot lighter than your natural colour, please go. to. a. professional!
When looking around online for the best red/ginger hair dye, I found numerous reviews for Clairol's Nice n Easy in the shade 110 Natural Light Auburn. Seeing as it was only about $14 or so at The Warehouse, I went ahead a purchased it.

The box comes with an instruction sheet (inside of which are a pair of standard, plastic gloves), a bottle of the colour blend formula, a bottle of colour blend activator and a tube of Colourseal Conditioning Gloss. For my current length of hair, I only need to use one box, but if you have longer or thicker hair than I do, then I would recommend getting two boxes just in case. 

You simply mix together bottle A and B together and apply to the hair. While the instructions recommend to apply the colour to the roots first, I start a little further down my hair, (around the mid-lengths and down) and eventually work my way up to my scalp in order to avoid 'hot roots'. I personally find this works well for me. Once all the hair is covered in dye, I clip up my hair and put a timer on for 25 minutes. After the time is up, I wash out the hair dye and finish by applying some of the colourseal gloss onto the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair.
The first couple of washes, you will see the colour fade rather noticeably, but after that, it stays true to colour for about 4-5 weeks. My hair grows weirdly fast, so I like to re-dye my hair every 4ish weeks to keep my ashy roots at bay. I find this colour looks really different in photos and in real life, inside and outside, with the light on and light off, (Just kidding heh)

Once you get used to it, it is a very simple process. This kit would be really great for beginners because it gives a really even colour and isn't overly complicated. My only complaint however, is the smell. Please make sure if you are using this brand of hair dye, that you are in a well ventilated room because my god does this have some strong fumes!

With all of that said, please enjoy my awkward posing, showing you what the shade 110 looks like on my hair....

Do you colour your hair at home? What are your tips?


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