Thursday, 17 September 2015


Waaay back in February, two of my lovely friends bought me a MAC gift card for my 18th birthday. I had been meaning to spend it for sooo long, (clearly it's taken me a while!) but I couldn't find what I wanted. I had been wanting the lipstick called Twig, after seeing it on numerous beauty blogs. I already had the colour Velvet Teddy, a slightly yellow-brown nude, which I wear a lot, but I also wanted a nude that was a bit more pink toned, especially coming into Spring and Summer. On a side note, to those who are worried about the lipstick getting on the (faux) fur rug in the above picture, please rest assured that no lipstick got onto the rug. These sorts of photos normally elicit a bit of anxiety in me, so I felt it necessary to tell you that it's all good.

I went into a couple of MAC stores looking for Twig, but each time I went, I was told it was sold out. Now, I completely blame Kylie Jenner for this, but anyway, I looked around at some other similar lipstick shades, but I couldn't find one quite like Twig. They were either too pink, too purple or straight up too light, (I did not want to look like I had concealer lips!) Due to my unsuccessful attempts at trying to find the shade I wanted, my MAC voucher lay at the bottom of my handbag, crying itself to sleep each night*. Until....Friday morning, when I caught the bus to the Queen Street Smith and Caughey's. I was looking around the MAC counter when I came across a sample of Twig! I asked one of the girls working there if they had any of Twig in stock and she said they did. She opened up the drawer beneath the blush and highlighter compacts to reveal boxes and boxes of Twig lipsticks!!! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! (bit o' poetry for ya) Needless to say, I swiftly purchased one and went on my merry way. I would've waited to take photos of the lipstick in it's pristine condition, but I was too excited, so I apologise for it's less than perfect appearance in the photos! But between you and me, I think it looks fine as hell in the bullet!

 Hopefully soon I will do a make up look/tutorial with this beautiful colour! Keep an eye out!

*Not an actual occurrence.


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