Monday, 14 September 2015


I remember reading these sorts of posts in magazines when I was younger and really liking the idea of taking a product of a higher price range and comparing it to a similar product available for cheaper. I thought, if you like this post, I might make it a regular segment, so please do let me know what you think in the comments below!

In this Save or Splurge post, I will be taking about 'pore refining' primers. In the higher priced category, I have the Benefit 'Porefessional' at $57. In the lower priced category, I have the Etude House Goodbye Pore-Ever which I purchased for only about $10 or maybe even less! (I can't quite remember as this was a while ago!)

BENEFIT 'POREFESSIONAL': For $57 you get 22ML of product, which I first thought sounded like a bit of a rip off, but actually 22ML is quite a lot, considering you only need a little bit to cover your face. That being said, I don't cover my entire face when I use this primer. Instead I tend to focus it on the areas of my face with larger pores, such as around my nose, chin and a bit on my cheeks. The consistency is rather thick, which I quite like, because it smooths over the pores on my face really well creating a flat canvas for my foundation or BB cream to apply over. The product has a slight tint to it, but nothing that transfers significantly onto the skin. I do find that after a few hours of wearing this, it can have the tendency to get a little oily on the skin, but if you don't mind blotting away excess oil, that shouldn't be a problem.

ETUDE HOUSE GOODBYE PORE-EVER: Okay, so while writing this post, I went onto Ebay to find the original seller that I bought this for, to see how much it cost exactly. I bought this quite a long time ago, so I cannot find the seller, but I did notice something very odd. When I purchased my tube of this product, It was definitely no more than $10 or so. However, now when I go onto Ebay and search for 'Etude House Goodbye Pore-ever', there are hardly any sellers! And those that do sell it, have bumped the price up to ridiculous amounts, (still cheaper than the Benefit primer though!) I was considering scrapping this post seeing as it is quite hard in NZ to find this product, but I figured that it might be useful for any of you who indeed can find a seller for a decent amount of money. Annnnyyyway! This product is quite a bit thinner in consistency than it's Benefit counterpart, but I do not find it too thin, that it can't smooth over any enlarged pores. Also being thinner than the benefit primer, I find that this doesn't get as oily as quickly. I'm not sure why, but I suppose being a thinner consistency, the product blends into the skin a little better instead of sitting on top. I must mention that I really don't like the smell of this primer, because it smells like sweet plastic (?!)- Not the best of smells! however, I do notice that the smell dissipates after a while on the skin, so fear not the sweet plastic scent!!

SO WHICH WOULD I CHOOSE? as you know, I am a student, so I try my best to save money every chance I get. So with that, I would have to choose the Etude House Goodbye Pore-ever, simply because it is cheaper yet it performs on the level of the Benefit alternative. I do love to use the Benefit primer, but I think it is quite a lot of money for a single primer. 

Have you tried either of these primers? What are your thoughts? Would you save or splurge?


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