Thursday, 10 September 2015


As you probably know, I am currently studying Fine Arts at University. While the focus at my art school is more on conceptual and abstract art, I do a lot of more figurative and traditional types of art in my own time. 
Last week I entered one of my paintings into the Eden Young Artists Awards, which is an annual local art competition. I had entered last year and was very overwhelmed to have been awarded Best Painting of 2014 and gifted $1000! I thought there was no chance that I would win again, but I still wanted to enter the competition for 2015. To my complete surprise I won again! When my name was called out, I kinda froze because I wasn't sure if I had imagined my name being called, but sure enough it had.

A while ago it was requested that I show some of my own art on here, so what better work to show you than the painting that won an award! 
This painting is of the model Adonis Bosso who I think has some of the most luminous skin I have ever seen! I wanted to accentuate that reflective quality of his skin, which resulted in this multicoloured portrait. I won't go any further in explaining the reasoning behind painting this work, because I don't want to give everything away. Instead I would love for you to interpret your own meaning, as that is what I think art is truly about.

Do any of you like to make art in your free time?


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