Sunday, 12 July 2015


I'm sure I'm not the only person who owns a handbag that is completely filled with old receipts, lip products, hair ties and old tissues. Recently I've been trying to clean out and sort both my school bag and my everyday handbag, ready for next semester at uni. I like to keep my makeup bits and pieces separate from the rest of the contents of my bag because when I need something in particular, like for example my lip balm, I can find it right away instead of rummaging around the bottom of my bag. I put all of these items in this adorable little purse from Rubi Shoes, which is the perfect size to fit in both my school bag as well as my handbag.

I always keep hand sanitiser with me because I like to be able to 'wash' my hands before I eat when I'm out. I Particularly like this sanitiser by Palmolive in the Raspberry scent, as it not only kills any germs on my hands, it also makes them smell really nice, unlike the typical rubbing alcohol scent that other sanitisers have, and it provides my hands with a little extra hydration. I've had people tease me when I crack out this to wash my hands, but I just smile to myself, knowing that I won't be ingesting any gross germs and they will! HA! Take that!
Particularly during the winter, I make sure to keep a packet of tissues with me, because they are so multi-purpose! For example, about two weeks ago, I was walking to the bus stop and I went to open my bag and grab my bus card when I noticed a bird had just shit on me! It was dripping down the side of my bag and had got on my hand and keys, (this is when the hand sanitiser comes in too!) Thankfully, I had some tissues which I used to clean up the birds doings. While tissues are handy for other things, I thought I'd share that story with you.

Like anyone who ties their hair up a lot, I have various hair ties and bobby pins floating around me at most times, (not literally, although that would be very handy!) That being said, I often loose a lot of them to the depths of my bags, which I swear eat them up on purpose. Keeping them in a little purse ensures that if I need to put my hair up in a hurry, I know where to find a hair tie or pin.
Being someone who wears quite a few different lip products, I tend to keep a small collection in my purse to reapply to my lips throughout the day. I always make sure that I have a lipbalm, the one I love is the Blistex Intensive Repair Lip Balm. I also have a matte neutral lip colour as well as a more sheer and glossy alternative to give myself options.

Mints, in my opinion are a must have for any purse. Not only do they taste good, (hello Spearmint) they also make your breath smell good after eating. Mints are a win win item my friends!
The last item I keep in my 'on the go' purse is my pressed translucent powder by Elf. I've got normal/combination skin, and I can get quite an oily 'T-zone' throughout the day. This powder does a great job at mattifying my skin and this particular powder compact has a built in mirror, which is always useful.

What items do you keep in your 'on the go' purse? Anything that you don't see in mine, but would recommend?


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