Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I've tried loads of mascaras that claim to be waterproof/smudge proof, but none have ever massively impressed me until I tried the All Eyes On Me Waterproof mascara by Essence. I prefer to wear waterproof mascaras, not because I wander around all day crying or anything, I just like to feel good in knowing that if I run into someone while I'm out, eyes haven't completely betrayed me and watered, streaking and smudging my mascara'ed lashes. I don't find I have this problem so much with my upper lashes, hence the reason why I switch between various non waterproof formulas, but my lower lashes would ALWAYS smudge/run no matter what mascara I used. The reason why I love this mascara is that firstly, it has a pretty thin brush, which makes getting to those tiny and hard to reach lower lashes a breeze. Secondly once it dries, (which takes barely anytime at all) it doesn't budge. In fact at night when I'm removing my makeup, I have to use a little bit of coconut oil on either my finger or a cotton bud to break down the product. 

If you aren't convinced by my praise of it, head over to your nearest farmers that stocks Essence and pick one up for yourself, it is VERY cheap! Long live perfect, smudge free lashes!


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