Thursday, 23 July 2015


I bought this nail polish from the Topshop in Sydney when I was over there a few months ago, after having seen it on various other blogs. The colour appealed to me because I hadn't yet found a yellow nail polish that I was happy with. All the others I had tried were either too cool toned or too fluorescent. Totally Tumeric is the perfect balance between a sunshine yellow and orange. Think the colour of an egg yolk. This bright yellow colour would seem to not match many outfits, but I'm surprised at how well it goes with the contents of my wardrobe! 
As for the durability of this polish, I'm quite impressed. I applied this to my nails after having prepped them with a coat of nail strengthening base coat, and forewent the topcoat, as I was in a hurry out somewhere. The nail polish lasted for a good 4 or so days before it began to slightly chip, (It's half on, half off my nails now because I picked at the nail polish while watching a movie!)

If you are looking for a beautiful egg yolk shade, look no further than Topshop's Totally Turmeric. It looks really awesome on every skintone, and is a fun way to inject a bit of colour into your look.

When I was taking the first picture, my mum came into the room and wanted to join in the photo taking. This ^ is the result of that.


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