Sunday, 19 July 2015


Hello lovely readers, today I have a post inspired by the beautiful Katie from The Last Souvenir. The other day, I was scrolling through Bloglovin, when I came across her post, talking about her essential beauty tools. I realised that I haven't done this sort of post before, and wanted to gather together a few of my own essential beauty tools and talk a little bit about them, as well as how I use them.

REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE COMPLEXION SPONGE: This little wonder has honestly changed the way in which I apply my base products, (foundation, concealer, bb cream) and the speed at which I apply them. Just soak this little sponge in hot water until it has doubled in size and then squeeze out the excess water. Bounce this over the skin to apply your foundation and blend into a flawless, non streaky finish. I love this sponge, because it creates a really nice coverage that doesn’t look cake at all, as the sponge helps to push the product into the surface of the skin, rather than just settling on top of it.

COTTON BUDS: Cotton buds are a must have in my make up kit because they are so multi-purpose. Use them to clean up mascara splodges, neaten up smeared eyeliner and clean the edge of the lip line when applying lipstick. They are so handy, I make sure to put a couple in my handbag or jacket/coat pocket when I’m going out.

TWEEZERS: A good pair of angled tweezers are great to have on hand to pull out any stray brow hairs, and apply false eyelashes. But another great use for them, is for peeling away excess nail polish that may have gotten on the skin surrounding the nail. Using tweezers for this job is a lot easier than using your nails, and risking either chipping or smudging the polish on your other nails.

SMALL ANGLED EYESHADOW BRUSH: The brush pictured above is the Jessup angled eyeshadow brush, (click here for my full review of this brush) which I use for buffing and blending the concealer underneath my eyes. The size of this brush is great for getting into the small space under my eyes as well as around the sides of my nose for concealing redness. This brush would also be great for blending out eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye, into the crease, because of its density. If you only buy one small makeup brush, check out something like this one.

EYELASH CURLER: It wasn’t until I was around 16 that I discovered the effect that using an eyelash curler has on your lashes. Curling the lashes really helps to open up the eyes, and create a fuller looking lash line. They are also great to use after applying false eyelashes to help blend your natural lashes into the false ones. Just be sure to replace the little rubber insert every now and again, to avoid cutting off your eyelashes! (Thankfully I haven’t had this happen yet, but I’m not taking any chances!)

ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES: I love to use these wipes if my brushes need a wash but I don’t have the time to give them a proper wash, or if I have just been using the Jessup angled eyeshadow brush to conceal a pimple, and I don’t want to transfer the bacteria onto other areas of the skin. I just swirl my brush onto one of these wipes a couple of times, pushing down with slight pressure to clean the ‘inside’ of the brush, and not just the other bristles, and I’m good to go. I got these wipes as a free gift with one of my orders, but any supermarket or pharmacy will sell them.

What are your essential beauty tools? If I told you, you could only pick one, which tool would it be?


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