Friday, 31 July 2015


Since it's been so incredibly cold here in New Zealand recently, I've taken to having a lot more hot showers and baths to combat the chill. Today I wanted to share with you all a couple of the products I've been currently loving when it comes shower time.

ZOELLA FOAM SWEET FOAM SHOWER GEL: As you may know, I accidentally bought this item a few weeks ago when I was looking at the new Zoella Beauty range online. While it may have been an accidental purchase, I quickly fell in love with this shower gel and it's become a staple in my morning/evening shower routine. It's got a really lovely sweet, floral scent to it, which subtly remains on the skin once washed off - nothing too overpowering. I find this shower gel lathers up really nicely and leaves my skin feeling cleansed but not dried out. I'm definitely going to check out more of this range in the near future!

NEUTROGENA ACNE STRESS CONTROL POWER CREAM WASH: While I personally do not suffer from acne, I do get a few spots due to stress or hormonal factors, every now and then. This cleanser does a really thorough job at cleansing the skin without it making my face feel really tight and uncomfortable afterwards, which I find that some acne cleansers can do. The creamy consistency of the product glides smoothly over the skin and is really easy to wash off with either your hands or a wash cloth. Is it weird that I also like the colour of the cleanser?

What are some of your 'In-shower' faves?


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