Wednesday, 1 July 2015


It's been a while since I did a book post on here, so today I am going to share a couple of books which are in my 'To Be Read' pile. Recently I've been very lazy when it comes to reading, which I think partially is because of being used to not having a lot of time and feeling too exhausted during the semester to sit and read for about an hour. So for the remainder of these holidays, aside from catching up with friends who are in Auckland for the holidays, and working on paintings to sell,  I plan to get through a few books from my TBR pile.

GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE Back in year 10 I read the book 'Girl with a Pearl Earring', which quickly became one of my favourite books. Ever since then, I've been on the look out for a book which was similar. Through Goodreads, I found that people who had enjoyed the aforementioned book, also enjoyed 'Girl in Hyacinth Blue', so I swiftly bought it in the hopes that I would enjoy this one just as much. I think I'll probably read this after I've finished the book I am currently reading ('Eleanor and Park').

THE ROSIE PROJECT I bought this book after Tara from Shop Style Conquer talked about it in one of her videos, and I am really looking forward to getting into this one! Because the protagonist has Aspergers, I am interested to see how the author approaches talking about this character without making a mockery of his syndrome. I also found out that my mum had read and really enjoyed this book also, which makes me all the more excited to read it for myself!

THE DOMESTICATED BRAIN The topic of Psychology has always been something I've been interested in and wanted to learn more about. What makes us do and react to certain things as well as how we act socially are questions which really fascinate me, and have done since I was younger. This book by Bruce Hood explores the relationship between the brain and the social behaviour of humans, and puts into layman's terms, the workings of our mind. Seeing as I don't do Psychology at uni, I hope that this book can give me more insight into the topic of the brain and the mind.

If any of you have read either of these books, I'd love to hear your opinions on them in the comments below, (no spoilers please!)


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