Tuesday, 2 June 2015

To-Do in June

Submit my sculpture and drawing assignments and get through my Art History exam.

Get through my huge book pile! I've been so tired lately, I haven't been reading as much before bed.

Finish off some more paintings to sell. With art school being as busy as it is, I haven't found much time for painting.

Spend more time with people I love. As hard as it is sometimes, I need to make the time to catch up with friends and family, especially when I'm not feeling so fab.

Number five on this list is less of a 'To-Do' and more of a 'Do-Not-Do', which is buy more knitwear! Seriously Albertine, you don't need any more jumpers!

What's on your 'To-Do' list?

This post was inspired by Jennie from Sailboat


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