Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Review & Swatches • Australis AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit

Today I am going to be sharing with you my review and swatches of the highly sought after make up item of the moment. The Australis AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit has been flying off the shelves due to it’s likeness to the Anastasia Contour Kit, which, while apparently amazing quality, is around four times as expensive as the Australis version. I’ve been using this pretty much every day since I bought it so as to give you guys a decent review. I’ve also included swatches so you can see what the colours look like on my fair skin.

Firstly, the packaging is pretty decent, although I would have liked there to be a mirror on the inside of the lid, but then again, that’s just me. The overall kit is actually a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, being around the size of a small A5 notebook. But that being said, I like that it’s smaller because it means I can take it with me when I go travelling and it doesn’t take up too much room in my make up storage. On the underside of the palette, there are instructions showing a step by step guide of how to contour, which is pretty good if you don’t know how to contour. 

Now onto the actual product! The kit comes with 6 different shades - 3 lighter colours to highlight (2 matte and one shimmer) and 3 darker colours to contour (all matte, 2 warm toned and 1 cool toned). As you can see from the swatches, the lighter colours are pretty hard to see on my fair skin, but you can see the slight differences in undertones. The first swatch is slightly pinky toned, whereas the one next to it is more yellow toned (a bit like Ben Nye’s Banana Powder). The shimmer colour is more on the pinky side in the pan, but this tone turns more champagne coloured when applied to the skin. As I said earlier, the contour shades are a mix of warm and cool tones. While I do appreciate the inclusion of the cooler tone, it would have been nicer to have more than one cool shade as I find this sort of tone suits a lot more skin tones than warm, red toned colours. Each of these colours are extremely pigmented and smooth. The lighter colours can be a little chalky, but I don’t find this is too much of a problem when I use them. Because these colours are very pigmented, you don’t need to use too much product, just tap your brush into the pan once, and you should have enough product. Using my Real Techniques Contour Brush, I grab a little of the middle shade from the darker colours and gently tap off any excess before lightly blending into the hollows of my cheeks. Once I’m happy with the colour that’s been deposited, I dust off any remaining product onto my hand before further blending out the shadow. Sometimes I like to blend over this with my powder/foundation brush to ensure everything is blended and looks natural. 

When It comes to highlighting, I must admit, I don’t use the first two shades as much, because they simply don’t show up on my fair skin! Sometimes I use a mix of the two matte shades under my eyes to set my concealer, but most of the time I just set my concealer with my normal face powder. That being said, I really like the third shimmery shade for giving the tops of my cheekbones a nice natural sheen, when I don’t feel like using my Sleek highlighter, which can sometimes be a little intense for day wear on me. 

Overall, I’m really pleased I managed to find this whilst I was in Sydney, because I’ve really enjoyed using this kit. While I don’t use all the shades for contouring and highlighting, I sometimes use them as eyeshadows, which if you like, I could do a post on. I think this kit would be perfect for someone who either likes to contour and highlight and have a few colour options to choose from, or if you are a make up artist and need a variety of shades for your kit. I do wish that there were different kit colours, such as a light, medium and dark, because I noticed that the darker shades in this kit wouldn’t show up on some very dark skin tones, and the highlight colours would simply be too light. But it’s early days for the AC Contour Kit, so we shall wait and see if they bring out more! Fingers crossed!

Have you tried the AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit? What are your thoughts on it?


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