Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Review • Collection New Releases

Hello everyone! You may remember a while ago, I did a review on a couple of Collection products when they were first launching in New Zealand, and many of those products still crop up in my daily make up routine. Today I am excited to share with you my opinion on a few of their new product releases!

Big Fake Curves Mascara*: Generally I like this mascara if I’m going for a more lengthened rather than volumized lash. The actual product itself is a really nice formula- it holds the curl of the lash well and doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day. It also looks very ‘clean’ on the lashes, which I like. The only thing about this mascara that I’m not so sold on is the brush. First of all, the wand is HUGE, so for someone with quite small eyes, it can take a bit of getting used to. The bigger bit of the brush being at the tip makes applying mascara to the inner corner lashes extremely difficult. I also feel that the middle of the brush taperes in too much, resulting in very little deposit of product on this area of the lash line. That being said however, I really do love the look this mascara gives, and I think that taking the time to work out the best way to use the wand is worth it for the end result.

In order to take off this mascara, I find my Micellar Cleansing Water just doesn’t cut it and I have to bust out the tub of coconut oil to remove every last trace. That only reassures me though, that when I wear this mascara, it won’t be coming off during the day and I can be sure that it looks the same before removing as it did when I applied it. This mascara comes in the shades Black and Ultra Black (Though, if I’m honest, I can’t really tell the difference!) (RRP $18.50)

From left to right: Deep Blue Sea, Baby Blue, Lilac Daze, Babydoll Pink and Fool's Gold.

Work The Colour Nail Polishes*: I am really impressed with these nail polishes! First off, the formula is amazing considering some of these colours are pastel. Pastel coloured polishes often take 4-5 coats to even start to look opaque, but these take only 2, (3 if you want to make extra sure). These also dry in around 2-3 minutes, making them some of the fasted drying polishes I’ve ever come across. With a quick drying formula, you are able to apply 2-3 coats in a very short amount of time, making them perfect if you are about to leave the house, but want to quickly apply colour to your nails. My favourite colour of the lot is called Deep Blue Sea, which as the name would suggest is a beautiful navy blue. I tend to apply 3 thin coats (you could get away with 2, but I just like a darker navy, so I do 3), and I’m ready to go. The first time I wore this nail polish, I didn’t apply a base coat or top coat in order to test the longevity of the product itself. It lasted about 2-3 days before it began to chip, which, is pretty good considering I applied nothing before or after the polish. I paint with oil paints, and am often handling solvents and chemicals, which can sometimes alter the finish of nail polish, but these held up perfectly well. If you are looking for affordable yet great quality nail polishes, check out these! (RRP $6.39)

Illuminating Touch Concealer*: When I first swatched this on my hand, I was quite surprised at how dark and pink toned it was in comparison to my skin tone, and didn’t think it would work well for me, but nevertheless, I gave it a go, and am very pleased that I did, because it’s turned out to be a really nice product. I apply a few dots of this illuminator underneath my eyes and blend out with my concealer brush. The pink tone of this acts as a corrector- lightening the darkness under my eyes, ready to apply concealer over top. I had initially thought that if I were to apply concealer over the top of this illuminator, the two products would ‘repel’ each other and look cakey, but personally I didn’t find this was the case. This product does contain shimmer, however it isn’t full on glitter. Once applied on the skin any trace of shimmer is gone and all that is left is a really natural and radiant looking glow. You could totally get away with using this as just a concealer, but I like to add a little of my usual concealer over the top just to make sure my under eye circles are hidden. (RRP $16.39)

I am very impressed with the new additions to the Collection range, (I was going to say collection, but then that would sound weird) and am looking forward to checking out more of their products in the future! If you are just starting out with make up or are on a tight budget, I'd definitely recommend you check out the Collection products as they very good quality considering how inexpensive they are.

Check out more of the Collection range here!


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