Monday, 9 February 2015

My New Favourite Concealer Brush

You may have seen this brush in my last couple of posts, and I thought it was time to let you know my thoughts about it. I first heard about the Jessup brushes from a makeup group I am a member of called Make up Obsessives. Many people in this group were recommending these brushes, so I caved in and bought a set of 5 small detailer brushes for a little over $6 off Ebay. I figured if they weren’t any good, It wouldn’t matter because they were so inexpensive.

Out of the 5 brushes, I’ve so far used 3 of them and I am loving them! The one I wanted to talk about today, is by far my favourite one and it is what I use to apply my concealer. Because this brush is angled it makes it perfect for blending out the concealer underneath my eyes. It’s bristles are incredibly soft and therefore don’t irritate the delicate skin under the eyes. The roundness of the brush really helps to seamlessly blend out and buff the product into my skin. When it comes to covering spots, I use this brush to gently pat the product into my skin to provide a more fuller coverage. The density of the bristles disperses the concealer onto my skin within a few taps, and gives a really nice and natural looking coverage. I have found that some concealer brushes I have used in the past tend to absorb a lot of the product, but I haven’t had this problem at all with the Jessup brush. After trying this set, I’m definitely keen to try out the face brushes to see if they work as well as these do.

If you are looking for a new cheap yet amazing concealer brush, I’d recommend checking out this set of Jessup brushes. You won’t be disappointed. 

Have you tried any of the Jessup brushes? What do you think of them?


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