Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lovely Rose Petal Turns 3!

Today, Lovely Rose Petal turns 3! I still can't quite believe that I have stuck to writing a blog for three years! I thought I would've given up after a while, but I've just enjoyed sharing my love for beauty and chatting with you lot too much to quit.
Last time I wrote this sort of post for my blog's 2nd birthday, I was almost 17 and about to enter my last year of school. This time I am almost 18 and about to enter university, majoring in Fine Arts. 

As always, I really hope you all continue to read and enjoy my blog, and if you have any post requests, please don't hesitate to contact me either through twitter, facebook, instagram or my email address. 

Here's to another awesome year of blogging!

(The photo is of the cake I made for my Granny's birthday a few weeks ago)


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