Friday, 23 January 2015

Free Weekly Planner Download

Hi Lovelies! I don't know about you, but I love to organise things, especially my blog posts. I've found that my blog runs a lot smoother if I have planned in advance what posts I am going to writing and taking pictures for and what day they will be published. Also, by planning ahead, I can ensure I have a good mix of beauty, (reviews, tutorials, haul), fashion, (wish lists and outfit ideas) and lifestyle posts here on Lovely Rose Petal. Instead of writing all of this post planning down on a post-it note, that will surely get lost, I decided to make a weekly planner template on photoshop that I can print off and fill in. In keeping with my organisational tendencies, I put a coloured dot beside each post idea, so that from a single glance I can check that I have a good mix of blog posts planned for the week. If you don't have a blog to organise, not to worry! You can use this planner for organising extracurricular activities, study periods or uni lectures.

If you'd be interested in downloading this free weekly planner template, simply click here! If you do download this planner, send me a pic of it 'in action!' either on Instagram (tag me in the post so I can see!) or Twitter, (@Albertinelello).

Happy planning!


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