Wednesday, 21 January 2015

5 Nice Smelling Products

Yes, I'm aware that this is a bit of an unusual post, but I figured that because I am such a sucker for nice smelling products, I would share with you some products from my collection that are just that!

This overnight mask smells exactly what I'd imagine a spa at a beach resort would smell like. Fresh and uplifting mandarin and apricot make up the base scent of this wonderful mask. I particularly love this product because the scent remains on the skin! (Now that's what I'm talkin 'bout!)

I'm almost out of this, and deciding whether or not I'm going to repurchase. The reason why I'm debating this is because despite it not doing anything AMAZING to my skin, it smells SO GOOD! I've loved spraying this on my face this Summer, because it cools down my skin and the minty scent makes me feel so refreshed in this stifling humidity.

Soap and Glory Hand Food (FRUITY & FLORAL)
This is my favourite hand cream because it is non greasy and it's scent is lovely and not at all overpowering. I'm a fan of scents that are a mix between fruity and floral, too much of either can be a bit sickly sweet. Thankfully, Soap and Glory got it just right with this scent, hence the reason why it's a winner in my books.

The scent of lip products is crucial to it's success. If I'm not keen on the scent of a lipstick or gloss, It's most likely going to be forgotten. Luckily the scent of the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms are right on the money. The sweet minty scent reminds me of spearmint chewing gum!

I adore the scent which runs throughout all of the Trilogy range, so I thought I'd include one of their products that I've been using a lot of lately. Recently, I've been getting really bad migraines/headaches in the evenings and the last thing I want to be putting on my skin is something too heavily scented. Trilogy products have a really calming and non intrusive aroma to them that are great for those people who don't like anything too sweet or fruity. 

What are some of your favourite smelling products?


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