Friday, 19 December 2014

Lush Christmas Giveaway [CLOSED]

Hi lovelies, I have another Lush Christmas giveaway for you! Unlike last years giveaway, I have TWO boxes of Lush to give away! So that means there will be TWO winners! I was wanting to make a Youtube video announcing this giveaway seeing as I haven't made one for a while, but my internet has been going on and off intermittently, which would make uploading a nightmare! Aaaannyway..

Each Box consists of 4-5 Lush products -

Snow Fairy Box: 100g Snow Fairy Shower Gel, 25g Bubblegum Lip Scrub, 100g First Snow Dusting Powder, 120g Godmother Soap.

Happy Christmas Box: 100g So White Shower Gel, 130g Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, 120g Baked Alaska Soap, 25g Santa's Lip Scrub, 10g Gorgeous Moisturiser.

In your comment, let me know which box you'd like to win, (If you have a preference).

Contest Rules:

-Must be a member of this blog (I will be checking!) If you are not a member yet, click the "Join this site" button on the right hand side of the page. But please don't be that guy that joins just for a giveaway and then un-joins themselves afterwards...That's pretty crappy.
-Like the Lovely Rose Petal Blog Facebook page if you have Facebook. If not, don't worry, you can still enter!
-Comment below, telling me a quirky Christmas tradition of yours or a holiday tradition specific to your family. Also include your email in your comment!
-One entry per person (if you enter more than once, I will delete the additional comments).

If you are under 16, please ask your parents before entering as I don't particularly want to have to deal with angry parents! 

Competition open to NZ residents only because it would cost me an arm and a leg to ship these internationally! If you are from another country and try to enter, I will unfortunately have to disregard your entry.

Entries close December 26 2014 5pm NZ time and the winner will be contacted by December 28. If, for some reason, I do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours (of sending the email announcing the winner), a new winner will be drawn. Winner will be drawn at random using Check back here after the 26th to see who the winner is!



  1. I always make Christmas themed short bread biscuits before Christmas day! So delicious :D
    I'd love to win the Happy Christmas box, and my email:

    Merry Xmas! xx

  2. I love making gingerbread for Christmas and we don't usually have a Christmas tree. I only remember a few times ever having a traditional one! But you know this year I brought my own!!! EEP EEP EEEP! I think in the future I'm going to do 'flatmas' a nice sit down christmas dinner with my flat and our friends because I think that would be rad. (

  3. Ah! I typed up my comment before but then my computer had to shut down on me and now it's such an annoyance to retype what I said :( :'(

    A tradition that runs through the Christmas season or any holiday is the big gatherings of asian families. I remember as a kid one time where many of our family friends gathered at our house and there were music playing, loud conversations and a sweet aroma coming from the kitchen haha. There were of course, huge presents under the tree, but what I noticed was that there was a lack of christmas decorations or specific xmas foods to full-fill the xmas spirit. I guess those little things don't matter to us. Coming from a non-kiwi asian family, they would much rather dine on crab meat or steamed fish with noodles (while splattering soya sauce everywhere) rather than a nice, rich chocolate christmas cake for dessert. And most importantly, the loud voices in the dining room is the best bit! It gives you a sense of comfort as you're reminded that your extended family are as your parents. Hahahahah overall, it's all about big groups of people coming together and eating LOTS of food! This year! I will be playing christmas games with the family, and having a traditional, quiet christmas. (Totally new and different!)

    Thanks for reading!
    xx have a wonderful xmas Albie ;)
    I would like the snow fairy box please :) -

  4. HI ALBERTINE!!!! I love lush so I thought I would give this a crack
    On Christmas Day i split the day between being at my mums house and my dads house.
    At my dads house, his wife's family all come over (he only has his dad left and they arent really that good of friends at all) and they're South African so we all eat a feast of South African things and we watch everyone open their presents.
    And at my mums house, we all go to my Grandma's house (she lives in a home now so we wont be doing that this year but you know) and SHE MAKES ME DANCE! I'm really a horrible dancer and my sister is really good but my grandma thinks I'm the best dancer in the world and that my sister "doesn't have a hope in the world", its so funny. So anyway she makes me dance to this one song over and over in front of EVERYONE there. This is the song: (she loves that guy) and anyway its rather humiliating but everyone is used to it now and it really has become a weird tradition.

    So yeah!!! Thats my random story for you, I don't really mind which package I get if I win but my email is but you've got my facebook deets anyway :))))))))

    I hope you have a fantastic christmas! you rock xxxxxx

    From Leah Filkin <3 (i just made this account so I dont know if it even shows my name ha ha ha see my dedication here)

  5. Hey! I have just begun reading your blogs and love what you write.
    During Christmas - we like to hang up cards around the house. It's easy, hassle free, and gives a festive spirit to Christmas.
    I don't mind which package I win - because I've never tried any lush products before. My email is
    Hope you have a great Christmas. :)


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