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Eyeliner Comparison: Essence, Topshop, MAC

Wow! This post took longer than expected to post on here! Sorry about that, things have just been busy at school as always. On my trip to Australia, I did a LOT of shopping, and one of the things I seemed to be most drawn to was eyeliner. I often wear winged liner, so it makes sense that I want to find an eyeliner that stays on all day without fading or smudging. Here I have four liners to compare in terms of application, how smudge resistant they are and whether they are waterproof, or only claim to be. Without further ado, bring on the eyeliners!

1. I love the long applicator that comes with this eyeliner, as it makes winged liner very easy to apply. From the first swatch you can see that the thin applicator also allows for you to create a smooth and fine line with minimal effort. The formula dries to a really lovely opaque and slightly glossy finish.
2. As you can see from the second picture, this liner hasn't budged after wiping/smudging my fingers over it. The Liner is still very black and crisp looking.
3. After submerging my skin in water and then wiping my fingers across each swatch, this liner is more or less staying put. It didn't turn out too well in the picture, but you may notice that around the edges of the line,
the product is beginning to flake off- that being said however, its not very noticeable.
4. While I do love this eyeliner, I wanted to include a picture of the 'mid removal' of the liners. As you can see with this one, it flakes off in rather large chunks, which can get caught in the lashes and be quite a hassle. This is the only negative about this liner. 

1. I had high hopes for this liner as the applicator was really nice to use, but the formula really brought this one down. Not only is this eyeliner not very black (it's almost a dark brown), but it can be quite thin at times- making it hard to build up a nice solid colour. 2. While this liner didn't exactly smudge, it did significantly fade.
3. Again, this liner hasn't streaked or smudged, but it definitely faded to grey- Not ideal considering it is marketed as a waterproof eyeliner.
4. There wasn't all that much of the liner to remove, but here you can see that the product fades away to nothing when removing-this results in a cleaner removal process- no black flakes covering the cheeks or forehead.

1. Similarly to the Topshop liner, the formula of this liner is lovely. It's VERY black with a slightly more matte finish than the topshop counterpart. The thing which has taken me a bit of getting used to is the brush applicator. It can be a little hard to control at first, but with practice and a steady hand, you can achieve very smooth lines varying in thickness (from very fine to thick)
2. Like the Topshop liner, the link eyeliner hasn't moved even a little. It's also still looking as dark as when I first applied it.
3. Weirdly enough, this eyeliner by essence is better at 'being waterproof' than its sister (the Essence Waterproof eyeliner pen). The swatch looks as good as new after having been exposed to water. This is a great eyeliner if you're like me in that you get hay feverish, watery eyes- This liner will definitely stay put for a good 10+ hours.
4. While this liner removes in flakes, the flakes are smaller in comparison to the Topshop liner, making it slightly faster to remove and the flakes don't end up in and irritating my eyes.

1. I do really love this eyeliner as it's easy to control (being a gel formula) and it's a very matte black. I used to only use this for winged eyeliner, as you have plenty of time to work with the liner before it dries, whereas liquid dries almost instantly, which depending on your preference could be a good or bad thing. When using a brand new pot of this liner, the texture of the product is really smooth and creamy, however, after a few months of use, the product can dry out quite a bit and the brush will begin to drag the product.
2. This liner smudged the worst of all, partly due to the fact that it is a cream product.
3. After the water test, this swatch doesn't look too different from the last picture. It's generally pretty good in water, as long as the layer applied in relatively thin. If the amount of product is too thick, it doesn't dry which is the reason for it's smudging.
4. Like the Essence Pen liner, the Mac fluid liner gradually fades away during removal. That being said, the product along the lash line can sometimes take a while to remove fully, but it does come off.

Have you tried any of these eyeliners? What is your go to liner?

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