Sunday, 31 August 2014

Absence From the Blogging Scene

Hey lovelies,
As usual I haven't been terribly active on this blog for a while for a couple of reasons. The main one being that I'm so bogged down with Exam revision as well as applying to University and preparing for a painting Scholarship. The amount of school related stuff I have to do means that I simply don't have enough time to post on here, as I want the quality of my blog posts to be great rather than just posting lots of average posts. The other reason that I haven't been posting as much ties in with the first reason, and that is that I don't really feel inspired to post. I feel sometimes my posts can be a bit repetitive If I'm pressuring myself to post and I don't want that to be the case. I want my blog posts to be interesting for you lovely readers, but unfortunately that takes a fair bit of time that I just don't have at the moment. I hope you understand. I love blogging so much, but I don't want to make it feel like something I have to do, nor do I want to feel bad about not posting so often. Sorry this blog post is a bit all over the place, but I just wanted to let you know the circumstances as to my blogging absence. In a few weeks It will be term 3 holidays and I'll definitely have time to go back to posting then. I promise.


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