Sunday, 15 June 2014

Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey lovelies! Today I have another video tutorial, showing you my interpretation of Kylie Jenner's recent makeup look. Kylie's been getting a lot of flack lately concerning the massive change in her lip shape, which some people are putting down to plastic surgery. However, having seen recent photos of Kylie without makeup on, it is clear that she has been using makeup to achieve her gorgeously full lips. I haven't gone too crazy with drawing outside my natural lip line just because I'm not into having REALLY full lips, so feel free to extend the lip shape more than I have.

Also, yes, my hair is slightly green/turquoise in the video. To achieve this, I used a medium blue chalk pastel and rubbed this into the ends of my hair and then sealed the colour with a flat iron. It looked a lot brighter in real life, the soft box lights washed out the colour a bit. Funnily enough though, after I had finished filming this video, I saw on Kylie's Instagram that she had died the ends of her hair black again! HA!

Feel free to leave any video requests in the comments below.


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