Monday, 5 May 2014

Review • Collection Range

I don't know about you guys, but I am beyond excited by the fact that the UK brand Collection is now available in Countdown supermarkets around NZ! I've already tried the much raved about Lasting Perfection Concealer (in fact, it features in my last post) as well as the super pretty Cream Puff Lip Creams. Today I have a few new pieces from the Collection err.. collection to review for you.

Super Size Fat Lash Mascara*: LOVE this mascara! It's very build able meaning my lashes don't look like spider legs after just two coats! I don't think it makes my lashes significantly thicker, though I like how it separates each lash to give a really clean and defined look, which really helps to open up my eyes. The brush is amazing too as doesn't pick up too much product like I find most brand new mascaras do, and it gives a really even distribution of product. I'll be keeping an eye out for other mascaras in the range.

Powder Blush*: Really pretty and wearable soft peach colour with slight shimmer running through it. Although this shimmer is quite visible in the pan, when applied it gives a really lovely glow to the cheeks without looking glittery. It also lasts really well - some blushes I find rub off throughout the day, but this one stays put despite my combination skin. The pigmentation is also great as it's not too pigmented (I find really pigmented blushes hard to work with) but enough that I don't have to scrape at the product to get colour payoff. I'll definitely be looking into the other shades!

Fast Stroke Liner*:I personally don't think this liner lives up to it's name, 'the fast liner' as it does take a few layers of the product to create a nice dark line, but then again, it probably takes less time to apply than gel. Some people find that this liner stings their eyes which I find happens if I get the liner a bit too close to my tight line/tear duct area on the inner corner. Generally though, I've had no reaction to this liner, and thats coming from someone with pretty sensitive eyes. The aforementioned slight stinging I did have also went away within about a minute. I usually use gel liners due to their longevity, avoiding liquids at all costs because I've just never found a formula which lasts all day, however I was very impressed with the staying power of this liner. I often forget I'm wearing eyeliner and will wipe the corners of my eyes, before suddenly remembering and rushing to a mirror to clean up any smears, but this one has lasted all day without budging. I must say though, as the day goes on, I find the liner fades a little if I've done winged liner and I'd need to reapply over the faded bits of the wings, but other than that, I'm really pleased with this product!

Lasting Colour Lipstick*: As a rule of thumb, if a lipstick has a nice smell, I'm generally going to like it, however, I have to say that this scent wasn't my favourite. I can't quite describe what it reminds me of, but it just smells very sweet and chemically, a bit like cheaper lipsticks do. I do like how smooth this lipstick applies, though lipsticks that glide over the lips easily don't tend to have a very good colour payoff. I even found that after I'd lightly blotted my lips with a tissue, most of the lip colour had transferred onto the tissue and I was left with more of a lip stain, however this actually turned out looking pretty nice! All in all, this lipstick isn't for me (my mum loves it though), but it'd be perfect for those who are starting out wearing bright lipsticks as it's not too opaque and very easy to wear during the day.

Bronze Glow Mosaic* in 01 Sunkissed: I must admit, I was pretty nervous to use this bronzer as I am very pale, and any "bronzing" product tends to make me look a little orange. Nevertheless, I gave this a go, and I actually really like it. It's not super pigmented which is perfect for my fair skin tone, and can easily be layered to create a darker bronzed effect due to the product being more on the sheer side. It does have quite a bit of shimmer in the pan, although this looks more like a subtle highlight once applied to the skin. I would definitely recommend this to my fellow pale people who are trying to find a bronzer that doesn't make them look like an Oompa Loompa!

Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil*: Again, I'm not too used to wearing black/dark grey eyeshadows so I was interested to see how this looks on my lids. I first tried applying it straight onto my lids, but it just didn't look right (I think it was due to it being a glittery black and my lid space being pretty small). So then I tried applying it as a liner with a small brush and then smudging it out with powder eyeshadows. This was far more successful. I do think though, that the other colours in the range such as the brown and champagne would be more wearable as they aren't as intense as a black. That being said, this would look really nice for a smokey, nighttime eye look. Just make sure that you set the shadow stick with either a translucent powder or a similar coloured powder eyeshadow to ensure that the product stays put.

I'm really impressed with the Collection brand and I can't wait to get my hands on more items! One of the things I love about the brand is how affordable the products are. Most of the products range from about $12 to $16, which I think is awesome because it allows for people to try out a range of high quality products for not a lot. Because of this affordability, the brand is a great one for those who are starting to experiment with make up. 

Have any of you tried out Collection? What are your favourite products?


  1. That bronzer sounds fab! Im also a but scared of bronzer hee :) x

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  2. I love the Collection concealer but I haven't really tried much else! The mascara and blush sound lovely.

    Katie x |

  3. So far I've only previously tried nail polishes from Collection. Although after watching UK vloggers and bloggers for so long it's the concealer that I really want to try. Very excited to see the brand going international though! Hopefully we'll see them in Australia one day too. Lovely quick review :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  4. great post!



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