Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hair Tutorial: Curls with VS Hot Sticks

Hello lovely readers, I'm on holiday now, so I will be blogging more often to compensate for the times when I haven't due to school assignments and general term time chaos. Today I wanted to create a tutorial on how I curl my hair. My hair is notorious for not holding curls for very long if I use a curling wand or straightener, but I find hot sticks create beautiful curls that actually stay curly! By the way, please excuse the unusual faces I make through out this tutorial....I clearly can't take myself seriously whilst posing for photos.
Okay, so the first thing you're gonna do is grab sections of your hair (If you want looser curls, grab larger sections). I like to do my sectioning fairly roughly as this is quicker and gives an overall "messier" and laid back look, but feel free to create neat sections.

After lightly brushing through this section with a brush or comb, grab the hot stick (after it's heated up obviously) and carefully (ie. without burning your fingers) wrap the hair section around the tube, making sure you tuck the very ends of the hair in, to avoid that awkward kink. Now simply wind up the section and secure.Repeat with remaining hair, grabbing equal sections to the first one.Now you will look like the last picture (if you live with others who may not understand what you are trying to achieve with these things attached to your head, reassure them that the final style will look considerably better than this). Wait for these hot sticks cool completely before taking them out.
Just before you take the sticks out, mist a little hairspray over each of the curls and wait a bit for this spray to dry. Next, one by one, carefully unroll each curl, (this is the best bit). The curls will be very tight when you first take out the sticks, so using your fingers, NOT a brush, gently pick apart each curl. After doing this, you may notice a few bits of hair may have "frizzed" up, so I use a little hair oil to smooth the curls and any baby hairs which may be sticking up. You can then finish with another mist of hair spray.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial and if there are any more hairstyle tutorials you'd like to see on here.

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  1. Loved this post, your hair looks amazing! I really want to try hot sticks, I usually stick curlers in over night but this would be much faster and easier xx

    S j m w e l l x


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