Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

While I'm not someone who is into the whole Valentines Day Shebang, I do think it can be a time where you can show the people most important to you (including friends and family), how much you appreciate them. By "showing" someone how much you love them, I don't mean going out and buying a massive box of chocolates and a $6 card from the dairy. Simply telling someone that they are important to you or giving them a hand made card, is really nice, (*sorry, mushy mushy mushy!*) It's as easy as that! If you aren't able to make your own card or don't have enough time, then hop onto google and search "Tumblr Valentines", then let the hilarity ensue! (I would post some on here, but some of the best ones are quite rude, so I shan't). If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate Valentines Day with, it doesn't matter! Hang out with a group of friends (or awkwardly third-wheel a relationship! Like I did in a few ball photos of my friend and her boyfriend!..But really, don't do that...) Below, I have created a list of ways you could spend your Valentines:

♥ Get a group of friends over, rent movies and microwave a bag of popcorn. Eat the popcorn, watch the movies (not the other way around) and have (as Miranda Hart would say) "Such fun!" 

Have a pamper session with candles, a face mask and magazines or a book (I'm currently reading a book of short stories called The Mistletoe Bride and other Haunting Tales by Kate Mosse).

 Have a picnic with friends at a local park or in your lounge if it is raining or too windy.  

Make cheesy friendship bracelets and personalise them with alphabet beads.

Print off pictures you like and stick them on a notice board or your wall (use blu-tac). I like to do this every now and again to help me stay inspired with my painting and design work as well as life in general.

Make homemade, personalised pizzas with your friends or family! 

I hope you all have a lovely Friday, no matter what you end up doing. 

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