Thursday, 23 January 2014

Review • Trilogy's Mineral Radiance Mask

I was sent this mask by the lovely Bianca, a few days ago to try out and review for you guys, and I can honestly say I am so pleased with they way this mask has made my skin look. The main ingredient in this mask is Kaolin clay which contains a variety of minerals responsible for drawing out impurities and deeply cleansing the skin giving an even and bright skin tone. The Evening Primrose and rose hip oil help to nourish and hydrate the skin, and pohutakawa (and other botanical) extracts promote skin regeneration.

After cleansing my skin, I apply a thin layer of this mask all over my face (avoiding the eye and mouth area) with a clean foundation brush. After about 10-15 minutes, the mask has dried and I wash it off with a flannel and warm water. After that, I splash my face with cold water to close the pores and also to make sure I removed every last bit of the mask. I will then follow this up with either a moisturizer or a hydrating toner.


-Leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed and detoxified
-Doesn't feel sticky when applied on skin
-Makes skin appear brighter immediately after use
-Leaves skin feeling less oily, but not dry
-Extremely gentle on the skin- So I can see this being a good face mask for all skin types
-Easily washes off unlike some masks which dry to a really hard crust and need to be scrubbed off.


-The slightly thinner consistency of the mask (compared to other face masks) means it can be a little difficult to apply with fingers, however, after experimenting a bit, I found that it applies easier with a clean foundation brush.

If you are looking for a gentle, yet thoroughly cleansing facial mask, then check out the Mineral Radiance Mask by Trilogy which retails at $35.90 for a 60ml jar. You can check out the rest of their range on their website.

I really hope you all are having a lovely holiday (if you ARE on holiday that is...). Please let me know in the comments below if you like this review format, where I give a brief summary of the product and then proceed to list the pros and cons, rather than a super long-winded essay! I personally think this format is a lot more concise but I'd love to hear what you think!


  1. I loved this review.
    I want to try a few products from them, especially their oils.
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

    1. Thank you lovely! Their oils look really nice! I've heard some really good reviews about them :) x

  2. Definitely like this review style; really easy to read and follow :) Face masks is something i think i need to step up this year; they feel so darn good!


    1. Thank you Helena, I'm pleased you liked this review :) It's been one of my new years resolutions to use more face masks too :) x


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