Monday, 22 December 2014

Travel Shower Products

Hi lovelies, I am currently on holiday in Napier, (It’s soooo nice here!) and I wanted to do a post talking about the shower products I took with me. I am usually one to overpack for holidays, taking just about my entire skincare/makeup collection. But this time, I tried my best to only pack what I thought I would need/use. 

Lush So White Shower Gel:* I love this shower gel by Lush because not only does it smell like green apples, but it is a multi use product. It can be used as a shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo! I brought this with me to Napier because as well as a shower gel, I can use it and have been using it as a shaving foam, (well, it’s not really a foam, but you get what I mean).

Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal: I picked this up in Australia earlier on this year when I had forgotten my own shampoo (the stuff they give you in hotels is rubbish). I’m not one to be terribly picky about shampoos, usually just use whatever we have in the house, but I really do love this one as it provides the right amount of moisture to my hair without being greasy or sticky after rinsing out. Because this is a moisturising shampoo, I didn’t purchase the conditioner along with it, as I felt my hair simply didn’t need it.

Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub: I bought this because I am nearly out of my Weleda Birch Body Scrub* (which is also really good) and with wearing summer clothing, I needed to scrub the rough patches of skin off my arms and legs. This one smells really delicious (a bit like the pink grapefruit range from the Body Shop) and does a really nice job at sloughing off dead skin without being scratchy and irritating. Make sure you moisturise after using this though, because it can be a tad drying.

What shower products do you bring with you on holiday?

Don't forget to enter my Lush giveaway! Click here. Only two people have entered so far, so you'd have a very likely chance to win! There are two winners and entries close on the 26th at 5pm NZ time. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Men

I've given you plenty of ideas for what to get a woman for this Christmas, however I haven't talked so much about gifts to give men. Here I've compiled a selection of items that would make really nice Christmas gifts for those special men in your lives. I asked my brother what things he thought most men would want, (he said a woman) and he helped me to put some of this together. 

Lush Christmas Giveaway [CLOSED]

Hi lovelies, I have another Lush Christmas giveaway for you! Unlike last years giveaway, I have TWO boxes of Lush to give away! So that means there will be TWO winners! I was wanting to make a Youtube video announcing this giveaway seeing as I haven't made one for a while, but my internet has been going on and off intermittently, which would make uploading a nightmare! Aaaannyway..

Each Box consists of 4-5 Lush products -

Snow Fairy Box: 100g Snow Fairy Shower Gel, 25g Bubblegum Lip Scrub, 100g First Snow Dusting Powder, 120g Godmother Soap.

Happy Christmas Box: 100g So White Shower Gel, 130g Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, 120g Baked Alaska Soap, 25g Santa's Lip Scrub, 10g Gorgeous Moisturiser.

In your comment, let me know which box you'd like to win, (If you have a preference).

Contest Rules:

-Must be a member of this blog (I will be checking!) If you are not a member yet, click the "Join this site" button on the right hand side of the page. But please don't be that guy that joins just for a giveaway and then un-joins themselves afterwards...That's pretty crappy.
-Like the Lovely Rose Petal Blog Facebook page if you have Facebook. If not, don't worry, you can still enter!
-Comment below, telling me a quirky Christmas tradition of yours or a holiday tradition specific to your family. Also include your email in your comment!
-One entry per person (if you enter more than once, I will delete the additional comments).

If you are under 16, please ask your parents before entering as I don't particularly want to have to deal with angry parents! 

Competition open to NZ residents only because it would cost me an arm and a leg to ship these internationally! If you are from another country and try to enter, I will unfortunately have to disregard your entry.

Entries close December 26 2014 5pm NZ time and the winner will be contacted by December 28. If, for some reason, I do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours (of sending the email announcing the winner), a new winner will be drawn. Winner will be drawn at random using Check back here after the 26th to see who the winner is!


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Last Minute Christmas Stocking Fillers

Hey lovelies! With only a week until Christmas, I figured a last minute stocking filler post was in order. As you can see, some of these items I mention are probably best suited for a female or someone who wears make up. I'll hopefully be posting a Christmas Gift Guide for Men sometime soon, so look out for that. (On the topic of gift ideas for men, check out my friend Britney's video here, where she makes some awesome DIY Gifts for guys!)

NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal: My mum actually got this for me while she was in Oz last week because of the name. It's a really lovely colour and has a nice semi dewy finish which looks really fresh on the skin.

Soap and Glory Hand Food: I purchased this earlier on in the year when I went to Melbourne and needed a hand cream. I'm quite picky when it comes to hand creams because I hate having greasy feeling hands, but this one absorbs really quickly and leaves hands feeling moisturised without that gross slippery residue. 

Sinful Colours Nail Enamel: This is by far the best 'cheap' nail polish I have ever used. It goes on smooth, doesn't feel at all 'plastic-y' and doesn't chip immediately without a topcoat. I'm currently wearing the shade Ruby Ruby and I'm feeling oh-so-festive.

Karen Murrell Lipstick*: These lipsticks are all natural, environmentally friendly and are from a New Zealand brand, (I'm all for supporting local businesses). They come in a variety of beautiful shades ranging from corals to bright reds to burgundy, so you can be sure you will find a shade that matches any skin tone. They are also Albertine approved because they smell delicious!

Skinfood Mud Masque: I used this masque a looooong time ago (when they had different packaging) and from what I remember, it was a really nice, purifying product. I repurchased this because I've heard it's very similar to the Glam Glow mask, which I'd have to sell my soul to afford. This would be great to give to someone who could do with a bit of a pamper session.

Luxury Lush Pud*: This next product is a new one to me - I've never used it before, but just by smelling it I know I'm gonna enjoy using it. This bath bomb is a part of Lush's Christmas collection and is perfect to use on Christmas Eve to unwind/calm down overly excited children. If you know someone who likes the Twilight bath bomb, they will love this as it contains the same relaxing scents. If you are the sort of person to give one present before Christmas day, let this be the one.

Celebrate Body Lotion*: Another new Lush product to me is the Celebrate Body Lotion. With citrus to lift the spirits and a splash of Cognac (which I find hard to pronounce for some reason) this will sure be a treat for the gift receiver. Similarly to the Soap and Glory Hand Food, this lotion is non greasy yet leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth.

Noted Gold Exercise Books: The final stocking filler is a bit of an odd one, but I use mine all the time for writing down blog post ideas and keeping track of my painting commissions. Pretty notebooks are always a great thing to add to Christmas stockings because everyone always finds a use for them. I particularly love these notebooks which are embossed with cute gold foil polkadots.

Do you have any more stocking filler ideas? Let me know below!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Gold & Sparkly Christmas Make up with the Za Pure Gold Make up Set

Hey lovelies,
I wanted to show you all this Christmas-y makeup look I’ve come up with and have been loving lately, using the new limited edition Za Pure Gold make up set. This set comes with an eyeshadow palette (consisting of four colours) and two Za Rich Glam Liquid Rouge Limited Edition colours.

For my eyes, I used the top left shadow all over my lid and the colour below it under my bottom lashes and in the outer ‘V’ and crease. I then used the lower right shadow as my transition colour to blend out the dark crease colour and finally, applied the super sparkly gold on my inner corner and first third of my lid. The natural light I was using for these pictures kind of washes out the colours a bit, they are a lot darker in real life.

I’ve shown you what both the Rich Glam Liquid Rouge’s look like with this eye look. I feel the red Rich Glam LR in the shade Vivid Red is more of an evening look, whereas the shade Coral Red would look nice during the day or for a more casual look.

Other make up I’m wearing:

Revlon Colour-stay foundation in 110 Ivory
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01
NYX Cream Blush in Rose Petal
MAC blush in Tenderling as contour
Chi Chi Eyeshadow quad in Paparazzi Princess (I used the lightest colour as my highlight)
Za Eyebrow pencil in Grey*
Za Liquid Liner Pen in Black*
Za Perfect Action Mascara

Which look is your favourite? The red, nighttime look or the coral daytime look?

Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Gifts for Her with Michael Hill

Since 1979, Michael Hill aims to craft distinct, appealing and timeless jewellery for their customers. The craftsmen thoughtfully source their materials from leading designers and diamond suppliers, ensuring only the best quality pieces are made and sold. The great thing about Michael Hill is that if you are unhappy with your purchase you can return the item within 30 days to get a full refund. 

Today I am going to share with you a few of the items I personally love and that would make perfect Christmas gifts for a girlfriend, best friend, wife, mum, sister etc.

The first item of jewellery we are going to look at is necklaces- First of all, is the St. Christopher Pendant. It is beautifully engraved with the figure of St. Christopher, who is traditionally seen in gifts given to travellers, to provide protection. This is the perfect gift for the Christmas season considering the amount of travelling some people do during the holidays. I can’t decide whether I like the gold or silver version better. What do you think? Retail Price Silver: $39 Retail Price Gold: $159.

Another necklace I love is this Sterling Silver Bow Necklace. It’s beautifully crafted to look like the metal is tied into the shape of a bow, yet it is simple enough for everyday wear. I think this would be a really lovely gift to give to a sister or a friend. Retail Price: $39.

The next item of jewellery we will be looking at is earrings. Now I personally don’t have my ears pierced (some people find that weird), but if I did, these are some pairs that I would go for right away. The first pair would be a lovely gift for mum or a girlfriend. Similarly to the Bow Necklace, these earrings are beautifully cut and can be worn with anything for either everyday wear or for special occasions. Retail Price: $39.

The next pair I feel are very fitting with the Christmas season, as they remind me of the stars you place on top of the Christmas tree. These Stirling Silver Star Studs, (That’s some good alliteration there!) are a really cute pair of earrings that add an element of fun to your look. The three dimensional quality of these earrings would look really pretty and sparkly in the light. Retail Price: $59.

The final pair of earrings are the Sterling Silver Flower Studs, which would be perfect to give to a younger sister or other relative. They are simple and sweet, perfect for a young one’s first pair of “special earrings”. Retail Price: $49.

The final item of jewellery we are going to be taking a look at is rings. You may or may not know, but I am a huge fan of rings - I have faaar to many, but I just can’t stop buying them! The top and bottom rings on the left both consist of a heart shape (gift for the significant other perhaps?), however they are crafted into two different designs. The first one features a delicate centred heart, making it perfect for pairing with other rings (I love to layer mine). Retail Price: $249.

The next one is the Sterling Silver Running Hearts Stack ring. A modest band made up of cute little hearts, again, great for stacking with other rings. Retail Price: $39.

The next ring reminds me, for some reason, of a Laurel Wreath (but then again, I’m weird). Like the Running Hearts ring, this one is made up of little oval shaped beads to create a sleek and modern looking band. Wear it on it’s own or with other rings, depending on the look you are going for. Retail Price: $59.

The final ring is called the Stirling Silver Elephant ring, and it is probably my favourite of the lot, because…Elephants! This fun and quirky design is sure to capture peoples attention. I would personally gift this to one of my good friends, because I know they would appreciate a cute and amusing ring such as this! Retail Price: $49. 

If you wanna check out any of the jewellery I mentioned in this post, just click on the links in the names of each item and it will take you to the Michael Hill site. 

Which item of jewellery is your favourite? Let me know what Michael Hill items you’d get your loved ones for Christmas if you had an unlimited amount of money! 

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Michael Hill Jeweller. The views and opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Hi Lovelies, 
Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I’d share with you all a great Christmas present that you can give to a friend, your mum or really whoever you like, that doesn’t cost a thing. Now before you think I’m being cheap, let me tell you that I can pretty much guarantee that whoever you give this present to will LOVE it! 
At home spa facial ‘vouchers' are a great gift to give to somebody because not only do they cost nothing, but they may actually help the person you are giving the facial to, to find out what skincare products work for them.

First things first (I’m the realist), you will need to determine what sort of skin the person has, because you’ll want to cater to their skincare needs. The main reason I say to do this is because if the person has extremely sensitive skin, you might want to stay away from those heavily fragranced creams and lotions as this can aggravate their skin.

Next, find a place for the person to lie down. As most people (me included) don’t own a masseuse table, a bed is the perfect alternative. You’ll want them to lie so that their head is closest to you (in other words, you’ll be sitting behind them and you will be looking at their face upside down). Once they're lying down comfortably, you can begin with the facial.

*Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional at this, I simply watch a lot of videos on skincare and giving facials. I’m not claiming to know everything there is when it comes to skincare treatments.*

If the person has makeup on, get two makeup removal circles and soak them in makeup remover, my favourite makeup remover is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Gently remove face makeup first, before moving onto lips and eyes. Be very careful around the eyes in particular! 

Get a large flannel and run it under hot water and squeeze out the excess- careful you don’t make the towel too hot! Check with the person to see if the towel is an alright temperature. Lay the longer side of the towel just below their chin and begin to drape the towel over their mouth. Once you reach the start of their nostrils, lay the towel flat and then wrap the towel either side of the nose (if you are confused, have a look at this picture here)

Once their face has been steamed for a few minutes, remove the towel and dampen hands with hot water ready for the cleanse. The cleanser I like to use is the Oxygen 2 in 1 Cleanser* because it smells lovely and contains tiny pieces of crushed up pumice stone, which gives a nice little exfoliating effect. Work this cleanser into the skin in somewhat slow, sweeping motions. Then, run the towel under hot water again, and lay it on the face in the same way as before. Then gently unwrap the towel and wipe off the cleanser.

The next step is to exfoliate. Ask the person if they would like their skin to be exfoliated or if they’d rather have a mask applied. If they choose to exfoliate, then squeeze out a small amount of product onto your fingers (which again, should be slightly damp with hot water to allow the product to spread) and gently work this into the skin in circular motions. Be careful not to press too hard as over exfoliating can cause sore and sensitive skin- remember, you are exfoliating someone else’s face, so it’s more difficult to gage how hard you may be pressing. The exfoliator I like to use is the Green Tea one by St Ives.

Repeat the same ‘wash off’ procedure as you did with the cleanser. The next bit is optional, but I find it adds a really nice touch to the facial. I spray the Caudalíe Beauty Elixir over the persons skin to act as a toner, and to cool down their skin before moving onto the next steps.

Using the Trilogy Rose-hip Oil*, massage the persons face in slow, sweeping movements. These movements are referred to as effleurage, a French word meaning “to skim”. Continue these movements for about 10-20 minutes. Finally, finish the facial by applying a moisturiser. The one I like to use is Savar’s Essential Hydration Moisturiser* because it really locks in moisture and makes the skin feel incredibly smooth and velvety. 

I hope these steps to give a facial were helpful! Let me know if you use this gift idea- I’d love to hear how it goes or who you plan to treat to a facial!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Celebrate A Cruelty-free Christmas with Lush

As you may know, I adore Lush products, especially around Christmas when all their limited edition Christmas range comes out full of festive scents and beautiful colours. In preparation for the Christmas range, the people at Lush spend months gathering inspiration, sourcing local and ethical ingredients for their products, and testing on humans as opposed to animals. Defying industry norms, the team at Lush provide customers with ethical alternatives for their Christmas shopping and show them the positive impact their money has when choosing Lush. 

One of the things I particularly love about Lush is the freshness of their products. Every single Lush product is handmade locally in the Lush kitchens, and is labelled with the date it was made, along with the person who made it and the date you should use it by.

Another great thing about Lush is their strict stance on animal testing. At Lush, absolutely no products are tested on animals. Not only that, but the people at Lush won’t buy any ingredient or material from a supplier that tests any of their products on animals either. Lush also uses it’s buying power to affect positive change in the world by only buying from suppliers that respect the environment, and the animals and people that live there. High quality ingredients and materials are ethically sourced from all over the world, from 100% recycled cardboard to hand-picked roses. 
As well as sourcing ethical ingredients for their products, Lush ensures that as little packaging as possible is used throughout shops worldwide. Customers have the option of having their products completely ‘naked’ meaning there is absolutely no environmentally damaging plastic packaging used. 

I was lucky enough to try out three products from the new Christmas range- the Limited Edition Gold Fun, So White Shower Gel and the Reindeer Rock Soap. 

Gold Fun*: Scented with the fragrance of Honey I Washed the Kids, this playdoh like product is a favourite of mine. Simply pinch a bit of product off and squish between your fingers with a little water. Eventually the dough will begin to lather up and can be used as a soap, shampoo, bubble bath or moulded into cute shimmering shapes! This product would be the PERFECT present for kids, although that being said, I’m nearly 18 and I can’t get enough of this stuff!

So White Shower Gel*: This shower gel is the perfect scent for coming into the Summer season. It has a fresh apple scent, which actually smells of real apples, instead of the artificial apple scent found in lots of kid’s shampoos. Similarly to the Gold Fun, this product has a number of uses. I personally use this just as a shower gel, but I am keen to try it as a shampoo (let me know if you’d like to hear how this goes!) If you are a fan of the So White Bath Bomb, you have to try this shower gel!

Reindeer Rock Soap*: Possibly one of the cutest soaps I’ve ever seen, this sparkling, reindeer-embossed soap smells lovely and berry-ish thanks to being made from a dried lingonberry infusion. The mix of uplifting and cleansing bergamot oil fuses with the calming and toning effect of cypress to leave you feeling wonderfully refreshes and comforted ready for the Christmas rush. The soap feels very moisturising upon the skin and the scent lingers long after rinsing.

Lush frequently runs in-store campaigns on environmental and ethical issues which they are extremely passionate about. Some of these campaigns include the fight for the endangered Maui Dophins, marriage equality and anti-animal testing. So be sure to check out your local Lush store this Christmas to support their Cruelty free and ethical product endeavours.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Review • Skinnies Sungel

Skinnies is a new kind of sunscreen which isn’t diluted with water like most, therefore a little goes a long way - A pea sized blob being the amount you need to cover your face, neck and ears for long lasting UV protection. This sun gel claims to be non greasy or oily, because of it being a gel instead of a cream, making it perfect as a primer for under makeup. 

I personally found the gel upon first application to have quite a silicone type texture (think Benefit porefessional primer) which I thought would be really nice under makeup, however, when I spread this out more onto my skin, the product began to feel quite greasy. I had made sure that I hadn’t applied too much (there is a guide on the bottle as to how much you should use), so the greasiness couldn’t be down to that. After I applied it on my face, I let it dry for about 3-4 minutes before beginning with my makeup for the day. I found my makeup applied smoothly, however I could just feel it slipping and sliding around my face a few minutes into filling in my eyebrows. The face makeup I was using was the Nude by Nature Mineral foundation, which is a powder, so I would have thought this would mattify down some of the greasiness, but unfortunately, it didn’t. I had to apply another mattifying powder over the top, but even this wasn’t enough. 

I used this again a few more times to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke, except these times I waited and let the product dry for longer before I started with my makeup. While this did improve the outcome a little, I still felt my makeup slipping and sliding more than it normally would. I’m thinking it might be down to the fact that I have oily/combo skin, because my mum also tried this sun gel and really liked it (she has slightly drier skin than I do). I will continue to use this when I go outside in the sun or for a swim in the pool, as I really do want to make this product work, because the gel formula really does intrigue me. I’ll get back to you regarding this product after I’ve put it to the ‘swim test’, which should hopefully be soon!

Have you tried Skinnies Sungel? What did you think of it?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in 235 Mischevious

Hey lovelies, I had said in my previous youtube video that I would do a post about this lip colour, however I realised I never got around to doing that - Whoops!

I have the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade 235 Mischevious, a beautiful peachy/melon colour. I LOVE this colour because it doesn't wash me out like some other peach lip colours do - I think It's because it's not too orange-y under-toned. 
Despite being a matte formula, it's really comfortable to wear and doesn't feel dry at all, and at times, I have forgotten I was wearing it at all!

The only negative thing about this Matte Balm is that because it is one of the lightest colours out of the range, it can go on a bit patchy. In order to avoid patchiness, I make sure to exfoliate my lips and apply lip balm about 20-10 minutes before applying the colour. This usually prevents the colour clinging to dry bits of lip skin (lip skin??!)

P.S. Please excuse the first picture, I clearly can't take sensible photos.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

I'm Back! • Summer Proof Make up

I've finally finished my last ever high school exams and can go back to blogging! I'm sorry it's been so long without any posts, (I thought I would have time to do scheduled posts, but that unfortunately just didn't happen).

Seeing as it's coming into Summer here in New Zealand, I thought I might put together a "Summer Proof Make up" post, which goes over a couple of products I like to use during those boiling hot summer days.

I believe whatever skin products you put on before your make up really makes a difference in how the finished result will look. I have oily/combination skin, and in Summer my skin verges more on the oily side, so I like to use some sort of "mattifying" primer. The one I often reach for is the Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer - As the name would suggest, this primer not only helps keep your make up on, but creates a perfect matte base to apply your make up on top of.

During hot weather, I don't like to wear liquid foundation because I find that it feels too heavy and doesn't do my skin a whole lot of good. That is why I use the Nude by Nature Mineral Powder - a build-able base product that doesn't feel cakey or heavy. I usually apply thin layers at a time, really buffing it into the skin to give the most flawless coverage.

Next I use the HissyFit cream blush (unfortunately the name has rubbed off, but as you can see from the picture, it's a lovely peachy pink shade) to add a healthy flush to the apples of my cheeks. I love this blush because it doesn't feel sticky on the skin, like some other cream products do and it blends seamlessly into the skin. I got this product a while ago, and I can't seen to find a link for it online at the moment, but I'll keep looking.

To bring a little more colour and a slight glow to my skin, I use the Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic*. I dust this onto my cheekbones and temples with a light hand to give a subtle sun-kissed glow to the skin. This product blends really nicely into the skin, and is easy to blend out if, like me, you sometimes put a bit too much product onto the brush!

Now moving onto brows and eyes. I was recently sent a selection of brow pencils and eye liners from Za Cosmetics to try, and I've been wanting to share with you my love for these two products for a while, but exams were getting in the way. I absolutely LOVE the retractable brow liner in the shade Natural Grey* for quickly filling in the sparse areas of my eyebrows. It's a great product for hot weather because it's ever so slightly waxy formula means that it won't smear. Another bonus of this brow liner is the fact that it is a perfect colour match for my brows! Most brow products I see are too red toned and look weird against my ashy brow hairs. Don't let the name put you off, because it's actually more of a grey/taupe colour. I then set my brows in place with the Elf Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara.

The next product I'm going to mention is hands down, the best liquid liner pen I've ever tried. I normally don't use liquid liner pens because I never found they were very pigmented or long lasting. That being said, the Za Cosmetics Liquid Liner* is so easy to use, super pigmented and lasts all day. I can't remember exactly how much this retails for, however I know it's around the $20 mark. I'll definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.

To finish the eyes, I apply around 2 coats of the Essence All Eyes on Me Waterproof Marscara, to my upper and lower lashes. In the hot weather, normal (non waterproof) mascaras tend to smudge under my eyes, which I have to admit doesn't look the most glamorous. This mascara by Essence stays put until you take it off at the end of the day.

Last but certainly not least, I use the Karen Murrell lipstick* in the colour Coral Dawn (a lovely bright peachy/coral). I've talked about these lipstick before so I won't go on, but these are sooo nice and hydrating on the lips, and they last very well.

Let me know what your Summer Proof Make up consists of in the comments below, I really enjoy hearing what products other people love!

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Hello lovelies! So it's that time of year again, when I write a post saying that I won't be on here often due to being on study leave for my end of year exams. I had been hoping that during the weeks leading up to study leave, I would have some scheduled posts that could be uploaded automatically every few days, however (if you have liked my page on Facebook, you would know) I had some major computer hard drive issues in which I lost a lot of stuff, as well as losing my camera battery charger. I will try my best to post on here during my breaks, but if not, I shall resume normal blogging after the 24th of November (which is when I have my last exam). Thank you for being patient and hello to my new blog followers!

Good luck to my fellow students who are on exam leave, I hope you all get the marks you wish to receive! In the meantime, I recently went into Lush and picked up a few things - I'm planning to go back to check out the Christmas products, so let me know if you'd like to see a 'Lush Haul' on here.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Recent Music I've Been Listening To

I listen to music ALL the time, particularly when I'm painting, as I like to have some noise in the background. Today I wanted to share with you a few songs that I've been listening to lately and would definitely recommend. Let me know in the comments below if you've heard these songs before.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review • Za Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

The Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge by Za claims to give the rich colour of a lipstick with the glamorous shine of lipgloss in one application, so of course, I had to try it out for myself! The colours I tried are OR221* (a shimmery pink toned orange), RD301* (a non-shimmery pink toned nude) and PK331* (a shimmery medium pink). 

While I don't feel these are as pigmented as they claim to be, I adore the formula because it isn't sticky and feels super hydrating on my lips. After applying the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge, you are supposed to rub your lips together to enable the gloss to seep out to the surface of the lips to provide a barrier to lock in the colour. Like I had said earlier, these aren't as pigmented as I'd hoped, but the gloss does help to keep what colour it does have on my lips for longer than a standard gloss. The gloss part of this product is VERY glossy, so if shiny lips isn't really your thing, then these might not be for you. However you can reduce the some of the shine by blotting the lips lightly with a tissue. 
The main thing I love about this product is the curved "ultra fit applicator" which not only holds just the right amount of product, but it perfectly fits the contours of the lips resulting in precise and easy application, (It's so easy, you don't even need to use a mirror!) My favourite colour out of the three is RD301, mainly because it is free of shimmer (I'm not a huge shimmer gal) and it is a really nice nude colour for my fair skin tone. I like to wear this colour on days where my lips need a bit of a pick me up but I don't want to wear a matte lipstick, which can sometimes be too drying. I also love to layer this colour over MAC's Velvet Teddy. 
My least favourite colour of the bunch is OR221, because it contains a LOT of shimmer. Already being a bright-ish orange colour, I feel that the shimmer as well as the gloss can make it look a bit too much on my skin tone, but then again, it would look lovely on darker skin tones. I do wish that the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge had more exciting names than RD301 for example, as it could be hard to keep track of which colour is which, but maybe that wouldn't be too much of a problem seeing as the range of colours available isn't very large. 

Overall, I'm very impressed with this product and I have found myself reaching for it more often than not. 

Does this product sound good to you? What do you think of these "hybrid" lipstick/gloss products?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Wish list //05

Hi lovely readers! I haven't done one of these wish list posts in a while so I thought I would do one today seeing as I already keep note of the products I want on my computer! 

The first product is the Body Shop Vitamin E Exfoliator, which I actually saw in Estée from Essie Button's new Autumn Trilogy video. I love the sound of an exfoliator that scrubs off dead and rough skin, but also moisturises at the same time. My skin can sometimes get quite dry after using a facial scrub, so the vitamin E in this product would really help to restore the skin's moisture. I've tried a little of this in store and I love the fine gritty texture, which isn't sharp at all. That being said, this is a little pricier than your average exfoliator, hence the reason it is on my wish list…hint hint *ahem, SANTA* *eyebrow raise*…. 
The next item on my wish list is the Daisy Dream perfume by Marc Jacobs. I have the Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume which I LOVE, so it makes sense that the Dream perfume has caught my eye. While I must admit, I haven't actually had a chance to smell this perfume yet, judging by reviews, it's pretty similar to Eau SO Fresh except with a more fresh and fruity scent to it, perfect for the spring and upcoming summer! And isn't the bottle just the cutest?! 
After purchasing the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade in Mischievous, I've been wanting to try more shades. In particular the colour Audacious, a lovely bright coral colour. I've been drawn to more bright coral colours rather than reds lately, probably because of it becoming more and more sunny. I love the formula of these Matte Balms because they feel hydrating while still remaining matte in appearance. I'll be doing a blog post on Mischievous soon, so stay tuned for that! 
The next product is something I want to try even more now that I've started using and loving product from the brand, and that is the Origins VitaZing SPF 15. After watching this youtube video, which shows the effects of UV rays on the skin, I've been making sure I apply some form of SPF onto my skin before adding makeup overtop. As you know, I like to switch around which products I use on my skin so I don't get too used to a certain product. I've been using the Cetaphil UVA/UVB defence SPF underneath my makeup, which is awesome, but I just want to try a different product. I love my Origins Drink Up Intensive mask, so I'm pretty sure I'd like the VitaZing as well. 
The last item on my wish list is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I have seen this concealer on numerous blogs claiming it to be one of the best concealers for them, which really makes me want to try it. I'm nearly out of my Collection Lasting perfection concealer, so perhaps this shall be my next purchase! 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? What's on your beauty wish list?

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Beauty Scenario Tag

Hello again! (yes I know, two posts in one day!)
Yesterday I filmed the Beauty Scenario Tag, which I had been tagged to do by the awesome Chin, from Chinchiminee on youtube, (You should definitely check out her channel.) Hope you like the video, and please be kind, I'm not used to talking to a camera!

Note for a particular friend of mine whose name starts with a 'G': Actually, you know what I'm gonna say... ;)

Minimal Makeup for Doing Nothing Much

Hey lovelies! Today I didn't really do too much besides follow a few people on Twitter, watch numerous youtube videos, listen to remixes on Soundcloud and go out to my local bookstore to pick up a couple of books. On days like these where I am going out, but only for a little while, I can't really be bothered going all out with my makeup routine. I tend to keep it simple to let my skin breathe a bit. I thought I'd show you what I put on-mah-face today.
I started with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade 1 fair underneath my eyes to minimise some of the darkness there. Next I went in with Maxfactor's CC Cream in the shade 40 fair on the areas of my face which had a little bit of redness, (around my nose, chin and in-between my brows). This product does such a good job at correcting any weird tones in the skin, whilst still being pretty lightweight and silky. Next I filled in my eyebrows with my favourite eyebrow shade from MAC called Coquette, (I've talked about this in plenty of other posts, so I won't go on about it here). Then I curled my lashes and applied a single coat of the Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion to my upper and lower lashes to slightly define my eyes. Finally, I topped off the look with this beautiful pink lip crayon balm, (I don't actually know the name of this brand, I can't fine the name anywhere on the packaging, but it's sold in Kmart). 

So that is pretty much my go to makeup for 'Nothing Much' days. I'd love to know what products you like to use on these sorts of days. Oh! And before I forget, head over to my last post if you'd like to enter my Nivea Giveaway, which only one person has entered so far...

Until next time..

Monday, 15 September 2014

Polish Profile: Sinful Colours in Snow Me White

Hey lovelies! I'm here today to share with you another of my favourite nail polishes from the brand Sinful Colours (I swear I'm not sponsored by them!). If you haven't read my last post about Sinful Colours, you can check it out here: I had wanted a really nice, shiny white nail polish for a while, but didn't want to pay a lot just incase it didn't suit me (and looked like white out painted on my nails! Eeek!) I loved the colour Easy Going from Sinful Colours range, so I thought I'd try out the brand again, after all, each polish cost only around $5. I was excited to see that there was indeed a plain white (I didn't want any shimmer or glitter) called 'Snow Me White', which I purchased it right away. This polish takes about two coats to be opaque, however I usually do three just to make it look extra smooth. The thing I love about these polishes as they are so shiny once dry, you could probably even skip going over with a topcoat if you're not planning to wear the colour for more than a few days. The only negative thing about this nail polish however, is it doesn't last as long on the nails as Easy Going. I'm not sure if it's the white 'pigment' used that causes it to chip faster than other colours from the range or not, but just keep that in mind if you're wanting to purchase this. Here I've layered Orly's gold glitter polish (I couldn't find the name on the bottle so I'm not sure what it's called!) over top of every second nail to create a fun sparkly look. 

Anyways, I shall return to studying (ugh) and I will see you in the weekend with a makeup tutorial!

Friday, 12 September 2014


Hi lovelies, Just a quick post from me during my break from studying. Funnily enough, this post is also somewhat related to studying and exam stress. 

I'm probably not the only person whose skin gets rather neglected when exam time comes around, which is why I'm here to share my favourite combo of products to perk up the appearance of the skin with minimal effort. During exam leave, my skincare regime is the last thing on my mind, however, that often results in a dull looking and lack lustre complexion. I wanted to find a simple solution for this without going overboard with the amount of products used. Every morning and night I've been using the Nivea Pure Effect Thermo Daily Warming Cleanser to clean my face. I love this cleanser because the warming sensation, which the product gives off once in contact with water, really helps to clean deeper than some other cleansers I've tried. After using this, my pores feel squeaky clean and overall complexion is looking brighter due to the heat induced blood flow to the skin's surface. After I've cleansed my face, my I like to moisturise right away to prevent my skin from drying out. If you have read my blog for a while, you know I like to flick between a few different moisturisers every so often, just so my skin doesn't get too used to a certain product. The moisturiser, or rather mask that I've been using and loving lately is the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask by Origins. Because I'm on study leave, and therefore not wearing makeup during the day, I sometimes like to apply this mask after I've cleansed my face in the morning and leave it to soak in throughout the day. This product has the texture of a thin moisturiser yet the hydration properties of a night cream or heavier moisturiser. Despite being extremely hydrating, I don't feel this clogs my pores at all. Oh, and the smell is delicious too! 

Let me know if you've tried either of these products, I'd love to know what you think of them in the comments. Also, holler to my fellow study buddies!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Absence From the Blogging Scene

Hey lovelies,
As usual I haven't been terribly active on this blog for a while for a couple of reasons. The main one being that I'm so bogged down with Exam revision as well as applying to University and preparing for a painting Scholarship. The amount of school related stuff I have to do means that I simply don't have enough time to post on here, as I want the quality of my blog posts to be great rather than just posting lots of average posts. The other reason that I haven't been posting as much ties in with the first reason, and that is that I don't really feel inspired to post. I feel sometimes my posts can be a bit repetitive If I'm pressuring myself to post and I don't want that to be the case. I want my blog posts to be interesting for you lovely readers, but unfortunately that takes a fair bit of time that I just don't have at the moment. I hope you understand. I love blogging so much, but I don't want to make it feel like something I have to do, nor do I want to feel bad about not posting so often. Sorry this blog post is a bit all over the place, but I just wanted to let you know the circumstances as to my blogging absence. In a few weeks It will be term 3 holidays and I'll definitely have time to go back to posting then. I promise.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Eyeliner Comparison: Essence, Topshop, MAC

Wow! This post took longer than expected to post on here! Sorry about that, things have just been busy at school as always. On my trip to Australia, I did a LOT of shopping, and one of the things I seemed to be most drawn to was eyeliner. I often wear winged liner, so it makes sense that I want to find an eyeliner that stays on all day without fading or smudging. Here I have four liners to compare in terms of application, how smudge resistant they are and whether they are waterproof, or only claim to be. Without further ado, bring on the eyeliners!

1. I love the long applicator that comes with this eyeliner, as it makes winged liner very easy to apply. From the first swatch you can see that the thin applicator also allows for you to create a smooth and fine line with minimal effort. The formula dries to a really lovely opaque and slightly glossy finish.
2. As you can see from the second picture, this liner hasn't budged after wiping/smudging my fingers over it. The Liner is still very black and crisp looking.
3. After submerging my skin in water and then wiping my fingers across each swatch, this liner is more or less staying put. It didn't turn out too well in the picture, but you may notice that around the edges of the line,
the product is beginning to flake off- that being said however, its not very noticeable.
4. While I do love this eyeliner, I wanted to include a picture of the 'mid removal' of the liners. As you can see with this one, it flakes off in rather large chunks, which can get caught in the lashes and be quite a hassle. This is the only negative about this liner. 

1. I had high hopes for this liner as the applicator was really nice to use, but the formula really brought this one down. Not only is this eyeliner not very black (it's almost a dark brown), but it can be quite thin at times- making it hard to build up a nice solid colour. 2. While this liner didn't exactly smudge, it did significantly fade.
3. Again, this liner hasn't streaked or smudged, but it definitely faded to grey- Not ideal considering it is marketed as a waterproof eyeliner.
4. There wasn't all that much of the liner to remove, but here you can see that the product fades away to nothing when removing-this results in a cleaner removal process- no black flakes covering the cheeks or forehead.

1. Similarly to the Topshop liner, the formula of this liner is lovely. It's VERY black with a slightly more matte finish than the topshop counterpart. The thing which has taken me a bit of getting used to is the brush applicator. It can be a little hard to control at first, but with practice and a steady hand, you can achieve very smooth lines varying in thickness (from very fine to thick)
2. Like the Topshop liner, the link eyeliner hasn't moved even a little. It's also still looking as dark as when I first applied it.
3. Weirdly enough, this eyeliner by essence is better at 'being waterproof' than its sister (the Essence Waterproof eyeliner pen). The swatch looks as good as new after having been exposed to water. This is a great eyeliner if you're like me in that you get hay feverish, watery eyes- This liner will definitely stay put for a good 10+ hours.
4. While this liner removes in flakes, the flakes are smaller in comparison to the Topshop liner, making it slightly faster to remove and the flakes don't end up in and irritating my eyes.

1. I do really love this eyeliner as it's easy to control (being a gel formula) and it's a very matte black. I used to only use this for winged eyeliner, as you have plenty of time to work with the liner before it dries, whereas liquid dries almost instantly, which depending on your preference could be a good or bad thing. When using a brand new pot of this liner, the texture of the product is really smooth and creamy, however, after a few months of use, the product can dry out quite a bit and the brush will begin to drag the product.
2. This liner smudged the worst of all, partly due to the fact that it is a cream product.
3. After the water test, this swatch doesn't look too different from the last picture. It's generally pretty good in water, as long as the layer applied in relatively thin. If the amount of product is too thick, it doesn't dry which is the reason for it's smudging.
4. Like the Essence Pen liner, the Mac fluid liner gradually fades away during removal. That being said, the product along the lash line can sometimes take a while to remove fully, but it does come off.

Have you tried any of these eyeliners? What is your go to liner?

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