Monday, 23 December 2013

Summer Skin Essentials

Okay, so I think we can say it is now officially Summer here in NZ and along with Summer comes swimming, picnics, sunbathing and general outdoor leisure. 
I've compiled a few of my top Summer essentials when it comes to keeping my skin protected, moisturised and looking it's best.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula: I try my best to apply a really moisturising body lotion every evening after being outside for the day to help my skin recover from the exposure to the sun. I love any body lotion or butter that contains cocoa butter, as it really helps to even out the tone of my skin as well as smooth out any dry patches.

Sun Sense Clear Mist: I love this sunscreen mist because it is super quick to apply (and reapply) due to the fact that you simply spray it onto your skin and you're done! While it does say "2 hours water resistant", make sure that you reapply after you've hopped out of the water and dried yourself off, to make sure that you don't get burnt.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Bronzer: I have super fair skin, so self tanning wasn't something I wasn't ever too keen about, mainly because all other self tanners I had tried, made me look like a Twistie (a Cheeto if you are American). I recently tried out this bronzing foam by Garnier and I can honestly say I love the results! It is build-able so you won't have any awkward "OMG this is sooo dark on me!" moments and it's foam texture ensures an even colour. I would still recommend using a tanning mitt however, when you use this, just to make sure that the tone is as even as possible and there are no visible edges. Plus, using a mitt means you won't get strangely tanned hands afterwards!

Blistex Ultra Lip Balm: I always have to make sure I am carrying a lip balm containing spf whenever I am out, because burnt lips hurt like mad! I love Blistex lip balms because they are super hydrating, and stay that way hours after applying. DON'T even think about using a lip gloss in place of a lip product with spf because it will only increase your chances of having your lips burnt off-(okay, so they won't really burn off, I just said that to add effect)

Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defence SPF 50: Even though most of the base make up that I wear contains spf already, I like to apply a moisturiser that contains spf underneath to really protect my skin and form a barrier against the harsh sun. I love that this product by Cetaphil doesn't have any added fragrance because I have pretty sensitive skin which can react easily to a lot of things. Out of all the spf moisturisers I have tried so far, this one definitely 'takes the cake'.

I'd love to know what your Summer Skin Essentials are in the comments below! I really do read and appreciate each of your, it'd be lovely if people actually did leave comments like they used to! So far I've had quite a few spam comments so I just want to reassure myself that actual people are still reading my blog and I'm not just rambling to no one! Haha! xx

Pool picture from my Instagram @lovelyrosepetalblog


  1. My summer essential is definitely dry shampoo! Gives that just washed feeling and it's perfect for camping as well :)


  2. My summer essential is the Natio Renew Day Cream in SPF 15. The SPF might not be that high but it is lovely and light while still being very hydrating. Perfect for summer.
    I live in New Zealand too so I'll be picking up some of these essentials!


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