Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review • NUXE Summer Travel Kit

Hi lovelies! School exams are now over (at least for the time being), so I will hopefully be back to blogging more regularly. Today, I wanted to share with you all a recent purchase of mine from the website Feelunique, (I'm not affiliated with them by the way, I just love the range of brands they stock!) I decided to buy the NUXE Summer Travel Kit, due to the fact that there are 5 sample sized products to try (or take on holiday). This way, I can check if I like the product before I go ahead and buy the full size. And at the price of $20, I couldn't resist. Also, I just wanted to mention that this post is going to be a long one, so, (if you can bare my rambling about beauty things) grab yourself a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or two to help you persevere through!

NUXE has been a brand that I had been wanting to try for quite some time, as it is constantly raved about in the beauty blogisphere. I've been using each of these products for a while now in order to provide you all with an honest and in depth review of each product.

The five products that are included in this kit are:

"- NUXE Eau Démaquillante Micellaire Micellar Cleansing Water 35ml
In a single step, this alcohol-free NUXE Eau Démaquillante Micellaire Micellar Cleansing Water cleanses, removes make-up and eliminates all the impurities from your face, eyes and lips.

- NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse 15ml
A "second skin" melting texture with a velvety feel and a light feminine fragrance with soft floral notes ensure a real pleasure of use. NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse can be used alone or in association with any other skincare.

- NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil 10ml
Huile Prodigieuse is a dry oil with a unique superactivated formula combining 30% Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair in a single gesture.

- NUXE Reve de Miel Creme Mains et Ongles Hand and Nail Cream 15ml
This repairing, non-greasy Nourishing Hand Cream repairs and relieves dry or damaged hands while protecting them from the visible signs of skin ageing. Always have NUXE Reve de Miel Creme Mains et Ongles Hand and Nail Cream within reach for dream hands throughout the day.

- NUXE BODY Gel Douche Fondant Fondant Shower Gel 30ml
Formulated without soap, it cleanses the body with infinite gentleness. Essential daily care, it will make you melt with pleasure with its fine mousse and delicate scent."

First of all, I have to mention that this range has quite a strong scent to it, so if you are not keen on skincare products with fragrance, I would probably steer clear of this. I don't have a problem with the scent but I know that others might find it too overpowering, especially since the scent does tend to linger on the skin.

NUXE Eau Démaquillante Micellaire Micellar Cleansing Water
In a lot of reviews I have seen of this product, people have been making comparisons to the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. However, I have never tried this make up remover, so unfortunately I can't say whether or not it is similar. This is probably my least favourite product of the bunch mainly due to the crazy amount of acids and alcohol within the solution. I do think it does a good job at removing the bulk of my foundation, powder etc. before I cleanse, however, I've been hesitant to use this stuff near my eyes. The scent of the solution made me think twice about using this to remove eye makeup, as it is obvious that there is a lot of added fragrance which could potentially irritate sensitive eyes. 
My skin did feel a bit tight and somewhat sticky after using this, but that wasn't a problem seeing as I tend to cleanse my skin after removing my makeup anyway to get rid of any makeup that remains on my skin.

NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse 
While this product can be used alone, I choose to apply it as a serum, underneath my moisturizer to add an extra layer of hydration. Again, this product is quite strong smelling, but once a moisturizer has been applied over top, the scent fades to a slightly gentler aroma. I've found I like to use this when my skin is feeling a bit on the dry side as it really locks in moisture and it feels like it helps my moisturizer to work better than on its own. I don't really use this on it's own, as It doesn't seem to make my skin appear as fresh and healthy as when used in combination with my night cream. The product is a fairly thin consistency which means it glides over the skin easily.
This product suits all skin types so if you feel like you want to add another product into your skincare regime to use along with your moisturizer to really get the most out of it, I would recommend giving this a go.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil 
This was the product I was most looking forward to trying out of the whole kit because of the multiple mentions of it on the various beauty blogs that I read.
It says you can use this on your skin and hair, but I've just been using it on my hair for about 2 weeks. I apply a small amount (you only need the tiniest amount) onto the palms of my hands, which I then run through the ends of my hair where it gets the most frizzy. I LOVE this product so much! It makes my hair really smooth and silky without being greasy or sticky, which makes brushing it much easier than without it. It also prevents my hair getting too frizzy throughout the day, which I swear was the bane of my life! I really enjoy the scent of this oil too, as it's not demanding at all. Plus, once I've applied this, my palms smell as delicious as my hair!

NUXE Reve de Miel Creme Mains et Ongles Hand and Nail Cream
I am considering buying the full size of this hand cream seeing as I love it oh so much. I have this on my bedside table to use right before bed along with my NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm. The thing I love about this hand cream is that it manages to really hydrate the skin on my hands without leaving them feeling greasy in any way, which is great when it comes to using my phone to check Instagram and Snapchat before turning out the light! The scent is really pleasant, quite herbal and fresh, much like their Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil. I also think it is the reason why my nails are actually starting to grow! Before using this, my nail bed was looking pretty rough, so I think I have the vitamin E in this hand cream to thank for my new healthy nails! 
Lastly, the 15 mL size is the perfect size to throw in your handbag to use on the go.

NUXE BODY Gel Douche Fondant Fondant Shower Gel
I've been really enjoying this shower gel in the morning because of its lovely fresh scent which slightly lingers on the skin for the day. This gel lathers really nicely and doesn't feel too 'goopy' or thick on the skin. It's also very gentle and very hydrating, so it is perfect for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Overall, I am really pleased with the kit and am looking into buying some of these products in their full size. Have you tried any products from NUXE? What did you think?

On another note, I was wondering how you prefer monthly favourites posts. Do you like videos or do you like written posts with a few pictures instead? I am contemplating incorporating more videos into my blog, however I want to be sure that this is what you'd want to see. I had made one favourites video in the past, but I didn't like how it turned out (I am kinda awkward in front of a camera), so I deleted it from my Youtube channel. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and I hope you have a lovely end of the week.

Link to the online Nuxe store: Click here

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Feelunique Purchases + Update

Hi lovelies! I just wanted to write up a quick post to show you the beauty things that received in the mail today! About a week or two ago, I was browsing on the website feelunique, and I saw that they had a lot of brands that we cannot get easily in NZ, plus FREE SHIPPING internationally! (gotta love that!) So I went ahead a bought 3 items that I had been coveting for quite a while. Let me know in the comments below if you'd like me to write a review on any of these products, and I'll be sure to do that.

On a side note, It's exam time for my school, (I think that applies to other schools too, but I'm not too sure) so I can't guarantee that I will be posting much until next week on Wednesday or Thursday. But I do have a few posts planned, (a hair tutorial being one of them!) so look forward to that! I hope you all have a lovely week!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Beauty Wishlist

Sorry for my recent lack of blogging. I have been trying to finish off some English essays to hand in as well as general exam revision stuff. 

Anyway, here are a few beauty products I've been eyeing up lately...

What products are on your wishlist?

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