Sunday, 11 August 2013

This Weeks Most Reached For #1

I thought I'd do a new segment on my blog called "This Weeks Most Reached For" where I simply share the products I've been loving lately. I probably won't post one of these every week as I tend to use the same products for quite a while before moving onto something else to try. Let me know if you like this segment or leave any requests in the comments below.

I'm not usually one to use hair masks (or conditioner for that matter...SHH!), but I decided to give this one a go seeing as the ends of my hair were looking pretty dry and frizzy. The consistency is that of a thick conditioner which makes it very easy to scoop out of the tub and spread throughout the ends of my hair. The scent is very clean and fresh smelling, which I think most people would like, seeing as it's not too strong. I absolutely love how smooth this masque makes my hair look and feel and how it leaves my hair completely tangle free. LOVE this product!

I actually got this eyeshadow to wear for my school's ball on Friday, and I am SO glad that I found it because it's probably one of my favourite eye products! I am really impressed with the staying power of this cream shadow (I wore it for about 6 hours and it didn't crease one bit!) and the colour is absolutely beautiful. The cooler toned gold makes this easier to wear than a bright yellow-gold, which some people find intimidating, (I know I do!) This is really pretty as an all over colour as well as an inner corner highlight to open up and brighten the eyes.

This may seem like a bit of a weird product to mention due to the fact that it is essentially an anti-aging cream, but OH MY GOODNESS! This stuff is great! Firstly, the consistency is almost gel like, making it glide over the skin without feeling greasy and sticky. Secondly, after using this at night, I wake up with brilliantly glowing and smooth skin! One of the key ingredients is vitamin E, known for it's hydrating properties, which makes this a great product for those with dry skin or even those who just want their skin to look a bit more plump. The scent is pretty much the same, unobtrusive scent as the rest of the Olay products which won't prevent you from sleeping if you choose to use this as a night cream (as I do most of the time).

For a while I had been needing an eyelash curler as (shock horror!) I didn't actually own one. Because of my obsession with online shopping, I decided to buy a cheap eyelash curler on Ebay, (I kind of expected it to be pretty crap, but hey! At least I would have one!) Little did I know, it would become one of my holy grail make up items! Ever since I received this in the mail, I haven't gone a day without using it, (it's that good!) I am one of those people who NEEDS to curl their lashes everyday because they grow in various directions, and I find this tool does the job brilliantly. I have linked the Ebay seller I purchased this from, however, by the time you are reading this, the listing may of expired. If that is the case, just type in Eyelash Curler into eaby, and you'll find literally MILLIONS of results.

This last product is one that my mum and I share, (we both wanted to try it out). The cream is very smooth and pearlescent pink in colour and it can be applied as an illuminating primer, a highlight or even worn on it's own as an all over light moisturiser with a dewy finish. The thing I love about this strobe cream is that it doesn't contain huge chunks of glitter or shimmer, instead it has a slight pearl/sheen finish to it leaving the skin looking very dewy and natural. I wore this out to the ball under my foundation as an illuminating primer and I also applied a little to my collar bone and the tops of my arms.

What products have you been loving this week?


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    1. I'll be sure to put together a post about the ball :) I just need to get permission from anyone who appears in the photos with me, to use the pictures on my blog :) x


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