Monday, 19 August 2013

Great Gatsby Ball 2013

My dress is from Forever New, and my ring belonged to my grandma. I also did my own make up and hair. If you want, I can film a tutorial for this look sometime! Let me know!

I have been meaning to put together a post about my Great Gatsby themed school ball which took place on the 9th of August, for quite a while. While I don't plan on writing a whole lot about the ball experience, I thought I would upload some of the pictures from the night. (If you would like to see some more pictures, take a look at my Instagram feed @Lovelyrosepetalblog)

I had a really good time getting all glammed up and dancing awkwardly to mainstream pop. Also, getting to see everyone in formal dress was quite strange, (in a good way!) By the end of the night, my feet felt like little trotters that were about to fall off! But I think that was worth it. There were also four photo booths running throughout the night, which I think I may have had a bit too much fun with...


  1. you look so lovely, well done for doing that all yourself! love the hair x

  2. Aww- you look so lovely! I hope you had the best time!

    xo Lillian from

  3. This is such a great school ball theme! I must admit, I'm a little jealous I haven't been to a Great Gatsby event. The 1920's is my favourite era of style :)

    1. I was so pleased when I heard it was Great Gatsby themed as I too LOVE the 1920s! xx

  4. OMG love your hairstyle is awesome
    love the great gatsby too

  5. I like how I'm in half of these photos haha


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