Thursday, 25 July 2013

Instagram Update #13

It has been such a busy term for me at school, so I was SUPER relieved to have 2 weeks of holiday to relax. Here are some photos from my instagram showing what I got up to, (mind you, I'm not a crazy party goer or anything, so to some, my holidays may look a little dull! Haha!)

This chocolate is SO good!► Visit to the art gallery (research for art history internal)► Bought two soft box lights so I now have proper lighting in my videos! yay!► Subway has the best cookies!► Going through the photos I took at Bluebells Cakery► Watermelon by Essie► A beautiful bright Hibiscus► Breakfast for lunch (this is probably very familiar to those who wake up late!)► Trying out a new hairstyle for my tutorial video► I just finished reading this for English and I really enjoyed it! I'd suggest reading this if you haven't already► Filming a youtube video for y'all!► New bedding makes me happy!

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