Friday, 21 June 2013

Mini Beauty Haul

A few weeks ago, I did a bit of Online shopping (as you do on a rainy night), and I came across a couple of items that I had been coveting for ages. I tend to do my online shopping on Ebay because I find a lot of the products are cheaper online + shipping than if I were to buy them in NZ. Without further a due, here are the items I purchased….

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: I own several of the RT brushes (the buffing brush being my most used brush), so when I heard that another brush had been released, I knew I HAD* to have it (* I didn't actually HAVE to have it, but it did look very nice! hahaha! I love foundation brushes!!!) If you would like to see a review on this brush or any of the other products mentioned for that matter, let me know in the comments below.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation: If you are like me and read a LOAD of beauty related blogs, you will have seen this foundation mentioned an awful lot. I was a bit confused at first as to which one to buy as I was aware that Bourjois repackaged some of their foundations, so I picked the one with the black lid, which I think has been discontinued. Apparently this foundation is great for people with combo/oily skin because it leaves you with a matte yet radiant complexion and is easily build able. I'm really looking forward to trying out this foundation!

Essie Nail Polish in Watermelon: I was on Instagram a couple of months ago and I came across a picture by Kate from Gh0stparties (who I must mention, has PERFECT nails!). She had a beautiful pink shade on her nails, so of course I took note of the name and put it on my "To Buy" list. I already have one Essie polish in a mint shade (I can't remember the name) however, I wasn't too happy with the formula of that one as it took about 4-5 coats to begin looking opaque. Watermelon by Essie on the other hand is perfect! It glides on smoothly and appears a really solid colour.

10 Colour Blush Palette: I came across this when I simply searched "Blush palette" in the Ebay search bar. This cost approximately $5+ Free shipping, which, If you ask me, is a total bargain! It's unbranded so I can't actually link you to the website, however I'll link the Ebay seller. I wanted a blush palette for my "here and there job" of doing people's ball/event make up and this looked perfect! I am really pleased with the colours, and I am really excited to try out all of the shades (not all at once! I couldn't imagine that would look too good!)

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?


  1. Great post! I, similarly, want to try the Healthy Mix.
    xo Lillian,

  2. I love the colours! Grate palette.


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