Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Instagram • April (School holidays)

OOTD• Late night reading• Sorting out what lipstick I want to wear to the Ball• FINALLY got around to finishing Little Miss Sunshine. I LOVED it! I felt so sorry for Dwayne :(• A lovely gift from Vicky and the team from Sávar Skincare (Thank you!)• Fuchsia nails• A MASSIVE ice cream (I was scared it was going to fall out of the cone!• Organising skincare post• Eggs for breakfast with tea. 

Instagram name: @Lovelyrosepetalblog

I haven't really done too much over these holidays as I've had to catch up with a lot of Painting and art history stuff. I've also been watching a fair few youtube videos. Why hello there it'sjudyslife, AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire. 

What have you all been up to?

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  1. I hope your ball experience will be amazing ^_^



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