Sunday, 7 April 2013

Beauty and Fashion Wishlist

1. Now that it's getting colder here in NZ I've been looking out for warm jumpers. I absolutely adore this beautiful cream coloured one from Topshop. 

2. I really like the striped pattern of this shirt and the 90s cropped style lured me in further!

3. I first saw the Korres lip butters on Estée from Essie Button's blog and ever since then I've been wanting to try them out. They also come is such delicious sounding flavours!

4. Recently my skin has been getting dry spots thanks to the colder weather. I find cleansing oils help combat the dryness and generally make the skin look brighter. I've heard a lot of good things about the Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil.

5. Again, I've heard great things about this day cream. This product helps hydrate the skin and improve elasticity.


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