Sunday, 7 April 2013

Adventure to Lush

On the Monday of Easter weekend, my brothers, cousins and I went into town to go to the Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar, which was unfortunately shut that day. So instead we looked around Op-shops/Thrift shops (I'm gonna pop some tags...) and generally dawdled about for the day. Whilst we were browsing my cousin told me that there was a Lush in town (how did I not know about this?!) so I wanted to go and have a look around. 
I only purchased one thing because 1, some of the things at Lush are ridiculously overpriced and 2, Not all the products smell as nice as people say (each to their own).

The product I did buy however, is called Tisty Tootsy Bath Ballistic ($7.50) which smells of rose petals, which I LOVE,(maybe I'm being biased because I am named after a rose and because of my blog name...) and contains dried rose petals that float in the bath as the Ballistic dissolves.

I'm probably going to break this in 1/2 or even into 1/4s to make it last longer as it is big enough to do so. Does anyone else do this with Lush products?


  1. I go into LUSH all the time and I think it's so expensive to pay $26 for a shower gel, but then I have no problems paying $51 for a Clarins one. What is wrong with me?! Perceived value, perhaps? You are so lucky to actually have a bath in your house!! Our house only has a shower :( xxx

  2. I don't mind paying that amount of money if I have read the reviews and know that it will be a good product. The smell of their products are definitely hyped up on blogs. Enjoy your bath! xx

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