Sunday, 10 February 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag • Part 2

26. I can't tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke.
27. One of my all time favourite movies is Heavenly Creatures (yes, it's that creepy NZ one about two girls who murder one of their mums…)
28. I can legally buy a chainsaw now that I'm 16.
29. The idea of swimming way out in the sea really scares me!
30. I still don't have my ears pierced. I kinda can't be bothered.
31. I'm one of those people who like to eat spoonfuls of peanut butter when I can't think of anything else to eat.
32. I find Tumblr quite silly (No offence to those who love it!)
33. I won 1st and 3rd place in a school art competition called "Egg Art".
34. I am easily frightened (meaning if a door randomly slams, I jump about a kilometre off the ground).
35. I quite often get half dressed if I am just staying at home (Pyjama pants and a shirt).
36. I was Head of makeup for my school+"Brother schools" production of The Diary of Anne Frank.
37. I painted for 5 hours straight today (For fun!)
38. I just realised I am listening to intense rap music as I write this…
39. I REALLY want to see the movie "Hello I Must Be Going".
40. I fainted in the airport whilst going through customs when I went to LA.
41. My name backwards is Enitrebla (En-Uh-Treb-La) which I think sounds like a legitimate name.
42. One of my study sessions last year for NCEA took place on a swing in the park up the road. I was reading flash cards whilst swinging a bit too high.
43. I LOVE poached eggs with home-made tomato soup (Sounds weird, but it's SO good!)
44. I am terrified of ski lifts.
45. I no longer take maths in school (I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me) *cringe*.
46. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last "facts" post, but I always have FAR too many tabs open when I'm on the internet.
47. When I dislocated my knee cap at school, the two deputy principals carried me to the sick bay on a chair, which I now realised would've looked SO FUNNY!
48. The art department at my school is kinda like my second home ( I spend so much time there).
49. This is the second to last fact (sorry, that was cheeky of me but I'm running out of facts about myself!
50. When I take notes in school, I write the first few letters and then the rest are squiggles. Somehow, I still manage to work out what I meant to write.


  1. So glad you finished the tag i really enjoyed reading it :)
    By the way the painting you did is stunning! And happy birthday for the 7th(?) i think thats what it said on your fb page - just going fro memory so it could be wrong!

    1. Thanks Anna! I really enjoyed reading yours also! It made me realize how similar we are!
      And, yes. My birthday was on the 7th. Thank you! :)


  2. OI I love your new banner! Sorry there's not really anywhere else relevant to tell you hahahaha and we don't have bio tomorrow so I will forget. :P


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