Saturday, 2 February 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag • Part 1

Hello lovelies! I was wondering what to post today when I saw that the lovely Anna from Opshopaholic had tagged me in the 50 Facts About Me Tag! I always get excited with tags, because they are different to the stuff I usually post.
Like Anna, I will be doing this tag in two parts as I am going out to a family friends house for dinner soonish and wouldn't have time to finish the post by then (these facts require quite a bit of thinking!) so I just kept it at 25 for now.

1. I LOVE the 20s,30s,40s and 50s.
2. Like Anna said in her post, I am too, terrified of learning to drive!
3. I take mostly art subjects at school (Art History, Painting and Design).
4. I listen to a lot of what most people would classify as "hipster" or "indie" music.
5. I can play the ukelele.
6. I have loads of nail polish for someone who doesn't paint their nails much.
7. I love pigs.
8. I am a (major) Sherlock fan (BBC version).
9. Following on from the last fact. I have been over analysing the last episode of series 2. How on earth did Sherlock survive the fall?!
10. I love skulls…That sounded far less creepy in my head…
11. I seem to always have something written on my hand or something around my wrist.
12. I love to cook. When I was little, I wanted to go into the food industry.
13. I have an interest in Typography
14. My favourite "scary movie" is The Exorcist.
15. Dragonflies FREAK ME OUT! I think it's because when they fly up to you, they kinda smack you with their fast moving wings! Hahahaha!
16. I have a knee that dislocates occasionally. Fortunately, the last time it did, was about a year ago.
17. I HATE school P.E
18. I am really bad at throwing away old make up.
19. One of my favourite dishes is Chicken Piccata.
20. I love green tea.
21. I can't eat weet-bix with cold milk. I've always heated it up in the microwave, which some people find really weird for some unknown reason.
22. Despite being a New Zealander, I am terrible at pronouncing Maori words.
23. I am quite a shy person.
24. Whenever I am watching tv, I find myself humming along with the songs on ads.
25. I have a stack of books I plan to read this year. I have only managed one of them so far.

The people I tag are :

Rebecca from TazandBear
Caroline from burkatron

Please feel free to join in the tag too!

1 comment :

  1. So glad you did it :) The facts get kinda hard to come up with after a while!
    Wow its crazy how similar we are - the driving thing, Sherlock Holmes, school subjects ! haha


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