Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fresh Make Up For Summer

Hi there! Hope everyones 2013 has started out well!
As you have most likely worked out, I ADORE anything to do with make up and beauty, so it's no surprise that I am quite often "googling" images of celebrity make up looks to draw inspiration from. Well, I did a bit of "googling" today, and found some images that made me want to write up this post. As you can tell by the title, this particular sort of makeup post is about fresh, effortless make up for summer, because, let's face it, no one really can be bothered too much with their make up in the summer! I have three looks to share that can be worn for both day and night wear.

This first make up look is very simple. Karine Vanasse is wearing a light foundation, peach blush, mascara and a sheer red lipstick. This look is great if you are just starting out wearing bright lipsticks. This sort of make up is great for daily wear because it is not too "In your face". That being said, nothing is stopping you from skipping the sheer lipstick and going for a bright, bold red.

In this picture of Alexa Chung, all the focus is on her eyes. She is wearing a a bronze/gold eyeshadow on her lower lash line (try Tempting my MAC), with a sweep of liquid eyeliner. As for her skin, she appears to only be wearing a little foundation. In an interview, she mentioned that she didn't wear foundation most of the time because she doesn't feel she needs it. If you don't feel you need foundation, you may as well skip it and just use a pressed powder to prevent shine if you have oily skin.

This is my favourite of the three looks because it looks very elegant yet very effortless and fresh. Emma has just enough blush on to give her a healthy flush of colour, and her eyeshadow tones go very nicely with her hair and eye colour. Emma opted for nude lips, but bright red lips would look lovely also.

Let me know what look is your favourite and please tell me if you would like a  step by step tutorial on any of these looks. 

Picture Credit: one, two, three.


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